Sunday, 30 June 2013

Menu planning

I think I mentioned yesterday that I was doing some menu planning. Well I've go a list of all that's in the freezer and cupboard (didn't think of the fridge). So this morning I updated both lists, made a menu plan to use all items up - nearly a months worth. DP was in shock at how short the shopping list was - 'is that it?!' Which I loved. 

We've just been shopping and I thought I'd test my mobile blogging app...

Menu plan on the left, what I'll need to cook and then shopping list on the right. 

Freezer & cupboard list:

I only cook Monday - Thursday and we try to have fish twice a week so it wasn't as hard as I thought. I guess the hard part will be coming up with a menu when we have a bare cupboard and freezer! :)

Our meal plan:
1/7 vegetable cake & sausages
2/7 beef burger & vegetable cake
3/7 fish pie
4/7 ham hot pot vegetables & pasta

8/7 tuna pasta bake
9/7 beef burger & veg. cake
10/7 fish pie
11/7 potato soup

15/7 lasagne
16/7 veg. cake & sausages
17/7 fish pie
18/7 potato soup

22/7 spag. bol.
23/7 veg cake & sausages
24/7 chicken casserole

And that's as far as I've got!


  1. I have to ask - what's a vegetable cake? :)

  2. Bought from Ikea (Frozen) it's vegetables and potatoes made into little 'patties' - the size of a normal burger... We haven't tried them yet! :/ :)

  3. Sounds interesting - let us know how it goes!