Saturday, 29 June 2013

Recycling empty baby wipe packets...

Before I forget, whilst we use cloth nappies when we have a child in nappies (technically IP isn't PT overnight and wears pull ups currently but I plan to work on that next week) and I try to use reusable wipes we do still use disposable wipes. So I wanted a way to recycle if possible. So I googled. This was ages ago. Before we moved to the land of Luxy and that was nearly a year ago. I found this charity:

At the time they were sending free post labels out but now you need 100's of empty packets so they just provide an address amongst other things. So tonight I have written the address on an envelope that has 20 empty packets in it. It will cost a little bit to post them but empty wipe packets won't cost much and I want to do what I can.

So in an effort to 'spread the word', whilst I am not at all pushing any charities (I read the story of Ellie's Fund a year or so ago but that's it) if you want a way to recycle empty baby wipe packets and you don't mind either saving 100's (of empty baby wipe packets) or spending a bit on postage, check out the above link.

I also looked into how to recycle used stamps and I'll double check and post about that at some point... (Again, it started with a google search...)

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