Saturday, 29 June 2013

Welcome to the rest of my life...

So we got back from our mini holiday today (28/6/13) at 14:30. By 15:00 I had already started moving stuff and decluttering and sorting. I haven't taken many before photo's but I will take 'after' photo's over this weekend. It is now 19:20 and I have:
  • Gone through 4 drawers in the kitchen & sorted other 'bits' from there. 
  • Taken down noticeboard from inside the kitchen cupboard.
  • Moved empty boxes from shelves to a cupboard & then moved boxes from the top of the sideboard to the empty shelf on the bookshelves.
  • Taken magnets, etc off the front of the fridge, then put some back.
BEFORE: Kitchen drawer

Box of things that will go I hope! :)
 ^ This box is now not only full and overflowing but I have a lot of other boxes and 'things' on the chest of drawers to go in a few months with it! :) ^

After! Drawer 2...
  •  Moved the 'jewellery' box that has my preserved wedding flowers from my chest of drawers to the living room sideboard. 
  • Moved the letter 'box' from by the tv to the sideboard. 
  • Gone through 3/4 drawers in the sideboard (reduced to 2 but spaced out the contents of 1 that were overflowing & the last drawer is DP's).
  • Gone through 1 cupboard of the sideboard.

  • Moved a white mirror 'stand' from my chest of drawers to IP's bedroom & rearranged bits on it.
You can just see in the left above the chair is now a white 'mirror' stand...
Still to do relating to the above:
  1. Clean the George Foreman grill thoroughly then store in a drawer
  2. When DP has stopped using up the instant coffee put the kettle in a drawer/cupboard. 
  3. Try to think of somewhere to put the other items on the kitchen counters (don't think it's possible).
  4. Clear off/find homes for other stuff on the fridge.
  5. I have moved items from the clear out above into boxes that are on my chest of drawers and I need to label them - the plan being to keep them for 3 months ish before getting rid of them.
  6. Filing & 'in tray' to do items
  7. Figure out what meals can be made from the food left in the cupboard and freezer. Then do a menu plan, buy any extra ingredients and make meals.
  8. DP has agreed to go through a shelf in the sideboard that has folders of our guarantee and electrical items on it. 
  9. I also intend to ask him to move his 'drawer' either up or down - he did this today :)
  10. I plan on using the time that IP is at creche next week to go through my own clothes, etc, and start Project 333 and sort through all the baby clothes and IP's clothes... (And start Project 333)
  11. I still have 2 bathrooms, our bedroom and various other things to 'go through' but I feel like I've at least made a good start considering I've only had a few hours this evening...
Right I will get this published as I have done more since! :)

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