Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Where we are now...

I have always been 'into' decluttering but never really done it with zest. I loved being pregnant with IP as I was able to really declutter and call it nesting. Oh that custom jewellery that I liked? I hadn't worn it for a year so I got rid of it. Well I am now 23 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child, aka Munchkin and nesting/decluttering has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I found out about 'Minimalism' through various blogs and started to tackle my own decluttering a bit harder. I was having trouble with facebook for various reasons so decided to start this blog, create a facebook page to link to it, get rid of my profile page & I am hoping to also create a shopping page to sell my own products from.

So you are probably wondering what sorta stuff will appear on this blog? Well I have left the tag line fairly open because I hope to include quite a lot: Updates on what my family and I are up to because we've moved to Luxembourg so our parents don't see us or our daughter as much as they did previously.

  • Updates on my quest for Minimalism.
  • Updates on my attempts to improve my French
  • What new things I'm doing or making, particularly those that I want to sell.
  • Updates on Munchkin
  • Then just general random things I think about.

And where we are now? Well minimalism wise, I've done 2 declutters of my wardrobe & plan to use as a basis for doing another declutter. I had previously said 'Oh I can't do that, I'm pregnant' but now I'm thinking why not? I've kept out trousers that fit me at the time that don't now and that I rarely wore anyway - I pretty much wear jeans and a top all the time anyway. It just varies as to how nice the jeans or top are and what sort of jumper/cardi & shoes I wear! I have been avidly reading and MM has got me rethinking A LOT. We have also just carted back (from the UK) all the baby stuff we saved from IP for Munchkin. And oh my goodness! The amount of clothes is ridiculous! We have 3 vacuum packed bags, AFTER I had gone through and got rid of 2 rubbish sacks of clothing! We have also discovered that some of the clothes IP wore when she was 12 months now fit her again as we've potty trained so it will result in yet more sorting through! Soooo in the next few weeks I plan to do a full declutter and sort out of my clothes and my baby's (eg both children) clothes. DP has already recently done 1 declutter of his clothes and I tend to try to leave his things to him... It means I don't have to listen to him say I got rid of stuff he wanted! 

Then there's sorting through all the mountains of baby stuff we currently have (about 3 baby gym/ play mats and that's BEFORE you get to the items for older babies!) and trying to arrange what we do keep to the space we currently have. The massive bonus to living in Luxembourg that I have found so far is that it's common to 'give' stuff to people, rather than sell. I don't tend to sell stuff anyway, unless it's higher value on Ebay so it doesn't worry me and our next door neighbour has offered us what will be a spare cot (for keeping at grandparents house) and a changing table. I decided not to buy another chest of drawers because we have under bed storage & a mini wardrobe for IP so I feel that 1 chest of drawers, 1 wardrobe + various other options should be enough. 

There's a lot of other areas in my life that I want to minimalise and I have recently found this blog: which I also got a list of things to do that should take half an hour and get 'you' started. So I'm going to start on that soon. Some of it I have already started and some of it I may not complete but it's a list a start and gets me thinking... What I particularly appreciate about this blog and MM is they both currently live abroad which is what I'm doing...

So that covers minimalism. I am intending to make a box of activities for IP so that will require a fair bit of work. I am currently having 2 hours of French lessons with a tutor per week plus IP goes to a French creche but I would like to do much more homework and revision in between. I'm not a natural studier or language learner so I think I may have to get stricter with myself. 

I love crafts and I can't even remember when I made my first nappy cake but I'm hoping to start and include a business page to sell nappy cakes. I have also made some cards from home and had an idea of making goody bags for various occassions. So all of this needs creating, photographing and then updating on here...

And of course I will be doing this whilst attempting to continue being a mother to my 2 year old and getting more pregnant then welcoming a new baby into our family! ;)

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