Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Big Sister Ideas...

I had already had various ideas of things to help IP transition to being a big sister and then today I was reading my weekly update on facebook of 'Week 26' and there was a link that led to another link that led to this blog idea about making a 'big sister' bag. As we already have the paper to print and iron on to material, I am seriously considering finding a bag, buying a plain tshirt and making IP a tshirt, bag (I've got masses of spare ribbon that I could glue to a bag) and then I already have a box that has various games in it... I'd be interested to know what others think of this idea?

I am currently working on and will post separately, a 'quiet box' of various home made games for IP to keep her occupied when I'm busy with Munchkin. She's already showed an interest so I hope she'll like it! 

So far we've taken IP to all appropriate medical appointments, so she's seen Munchkin on the scan and we've talked to her about how she'll be a big sister. I've also bought a range of books, the first one she's read, about preparation. And she helped at the weekend when we sorted through all the masses of baby stuff and stored it.

Oh yes, that reminds me, we also plan to buy her a present from Munchkin and get her to choose a present for Munchkin... And then I am hoping in the future that we'll be able to get print jewellery like DP and I already have (of IP). A friend in the UK - Cheeky Little Prints & Gifts - made DP's cuff links and I recommend her to anyone and everyone. 

And lastly I was intending to buy her a doll (of her choice) for when she becomes a big sister. I'm just struggling with this one and how to go about it. 

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