Saturday, 20 July 2013

Catch up from the week ending 20/07

I mentioned here that I was going to try to reduce my schedule. So far it's not been too hard. DP managed to go along with me and reduce our tv recording. Whether when programmes restart that will change I don't know but I feel refreshed that we have so few programmes to 'think' about on our Sky + planner. I don't think I'm quite ready to get rid of things like the Sky+ (if I ever will be) but it's good to have reduced certain things significantly.

Right now I am trying to decide whether to introduce new activities into our days to keep IP entertained and enrich our experiences together. The reason I'm not sure is I'm entering my 3rd trimester of pregnancy with Munchkin and want to be able to take things easy if I need to. This week I've been relaxing a lot more and I have to say it's been nice not to stress about things! However I have wondered whether IP is entertained enough. So we'll see. Also here in Luxembourg a lot of our activities have stopped for the summer. So I'm considering whether to take her to a singing group on a Thursday morning that I have been meaning to take her to and they have a summer programme.

Parting with items:
I have officially got rid of my first lot of 'clutter' from our home - my friend likes baking and cooking so I gave her some boxes of supplies and said if she wanted any that was fine and if she didn't then just leave it and I'd take it to our local charity drop off. She has been very good to us so DP didn't complain when I said what was happening to our 'stuff'. My parents have also dropped by for an unexpected visit so are taking some craft bits home with them. I found out I can advertise things for sale and wanted items at our local supermarket last week so that was hugely helpful as smaller pieces of furniture (filing trolley anyone?) I will put on their notice board. I'm particularly pleased to get rid of the items mentioned because consumerables I find very hard to part with and it has helped a lot.

This week I have been trying to finish things off - I have ordered some new keys for my keyboard and my IPEN kit arrived (I will cover this more later), playing around with items on this blog (you may notice my first advert may have appeared?!), taking photo's and keeping track of ideas for future posts and towards the end of the week getting emotional. I hate hormones, especially pregnancy hormones and now I am nearing the time that IP arrived, I thought I could ignore but apparently not! However all is good otherwise so I'm going to try not to dwell on things!

I hope to cover this later but I made a quick mental note the other day when I realised that I walked into a friend's house and noticed IP loved playing with her daughter's water table. I thought 'oooh I'll have to get IP one of those' and then immediately realised that I've just got rid of lots of her toys so it would rather defeat the object! I felt a bit sad but came to the conclusion IP could play with it whenever we see friends. Then on Friday we saw the same friends and IP monopolised the table (she did play with other children) so we will see. We have a paddling pool so maybe we just need to get that out again? I do however like the ideas that rather than rushing out to buy her a water table, I started to consider what we already had and remembered we packed away inflatable paddling pools. With a few plastic cups she would probably get the same enjoyment! :)

More decluttering:

I have also started to go through our recipe books which I'm pleased about. I like to be able to take recipes on a piece of paper to the kitchen so I have got a folder with them divided up. DP suggested that I could go through our 'books, photocopy any I want to keep and then donate them.

I used a nail varnish that didn't work this week so I think paring them down will happen soon and most importantly, went through my email folders and inbox and pared that down. Must get into the habit of unsubscribing!

We had tried to revive IP's old dresses but we have decided they are too short and she has plenty of others so when I have the chance they will go into storage.

I met up with a friend due to have a little girl next month so it was good to have a catch up. I have kept IP's clothes as we don't know what gender Munchkin will be but I am actually looking forward to getting rid of items as soon as possible, whether because we have masses of baby girl clothing or whether it's just because Munchkin grows. 

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