Friday, 5 July 2013

Catching up...

Well this afternoon I tidied the house because I hadn't bothered all week, pretty much. I made a fish pie because I have so far failed miserably in sticking this week's menu ideas BUT the aim of the menu plan was that we used items from the freezer and cupboard which I have done -
I was also feeling good enough so I continued and made the Chilli Con Carne.

I've mentioned a few bits and pieces that I'll include now:

The massive suitcase I have previously mentioned that I love for storing clothes in. This held all my  maternity clothing, for a start. I hope, at the weekend, to vacuum pack the remainder of my maternity clothes and then the rest of my non maternity wardrobe due to Project 333 (pared down and fingers crossed that both bags will fit in this suitcase. Then it'll go in the bottom of our wardrobe.

As a teenager I had a lilac bedroom and one day my mum left this in my room! In the UK IP's bedroom was lilac, pink and silver so this was in her room but now we're renting it's just kept 'cos it's useful...

I was asked what a vegetable cake was. This is the box:

And the fun part of using up the contents of the cupboard! I was rubbish at making the chocolate pudding but IP seemed to enjoy the chocolate 'milk'! :)

I feel better that I can see areas of my home again - this week has been crazy and I couldn't see parts for a long time! :) The weekend will hopefully hold more and with DP's help. The 'To do' list is slowly reducing though! :D

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