Friday, 26 July 2013

Feelin' hot, hot, hot!

...And not in a good way :(

As many of you know, I am currently about 27 weeks or about 6 months pregnant. And DP's awesome description when a friend asked how I was doing, was 'she's at the fat stage'. (Yes DP you should have known that comment would come back to bite you! ;)) He did explain that he actually meant I am now very much showing, not able to do things I could initially and it seems the minute I was close to the 3rd trimester I got more tired immediately.

So what does the weather do? Here it has been hot. Humid. Not even the nice, dry heat. And recently stormy. This morning was my turn to host 'coffee morning' for the mum's I see regularly and it was boiling hot but raining! I had planned we could at least go outside but nope, it rained the whole time. :( When I say hot, I mean around 30 degrees. At the weekend we covered IP in factor 50 suncream, sun hat and glasses & went outside for her to play. 15 minutes later she was looking bright red and all 3 of us were sweating (just to clarify, the redness was, it turned out, irritation from the sand she was playing with and as soon as we bathed her she was fine).

So how do you cope and keep cool when you're pregnant (dare I say heavily?) and it's hot? Well 1 suggestion was when I'm at home to wear knickers and a tshirt. I would, but our apartment is quite open with large windows so I don't quite dare. But I am wearing vests a lot more and leggings. I've always left my hair to dry anyway so I'm just trying to ensure it keeps me cool for as long as possible. We have just had our freezer repaired so that the filtered cold water and ice cube maker works again. I've had suggestions of putting sheets in the freezer.

I need to drink more water but I always need to so that's nothing new! ;)

Baby bump on 26th July 2013, about 27 weeks...

IP has also just started to teeth her back molars in so although she's still sleeping well, we have had a few sleepless nights, whether because of the temperature or because of her molars we don't know.

So do you have any tips on how to keep cooler in this weather?

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