Monday, 29 July 2013

Food Week

If you're on facebook and have 'liked' The Adventures of Mamma then you may have seen that last week I declared 'food' week. This was because IP recently has ended up only eating the same foods over and over again - chips and bread. Plus we were finally getting to the bottom of our cupboard and freezer. Plussss I wanted to start thinking about bulk cooking for when Munchkin is born, so I don't have to think about food...

Unfortunately I had mentioned last week that we were hoping to switch to a World War II ration style system to try to reduce our food bill and we had intended to not bulk buy once a month but to do a smaller shop weekly. However I don't think this is going to work at the moment for me for a couple of reasons:

  1. I prefer to preplan and make in 'bulk' and then defrost each week.
  2. With Munchkin due in a few months I don't want to go radically changing anything and I want to bulk cook just before if possible.
  3. I did try to stick to the ration amounts but I don't think I was that accurate. We also don't have the ability to grow our own food (ie fruit and veg) because we only have a patio and balcony. 
  4. The idea had been that we would go to different shops to buy food, such as the fishmongers, bakers, etc. I frankly don't have the time or the inclination to go to so many different shops when I could either go to 1 or order from 1...

Whilst walking around the supermarket I realised a couple of things about my own habits. I am not a natural chef or baker. I will cook basics, like I have made mini quiches from a recipe book and I have made various dishes from recipes but I have no desire to be experimental and I cook out of necessity because we need to eat. Not because I want to or enjoy it. Luckily DP likes cooking so I manage to get him to do some of it but whereas friends love baking and I read about how certain foods should be home made, I accepted whilst shopping that that is just not me.

So I have stocked up on 'naughty' snacks because I'm hungry all the time due to the last trimester and yes, I really should be making things like biscuits myself but as I say, frankly I don't have the inclination. I do feel bad but am rapidly coming to the conclusion that life is too short. However IP was eating a lot of yoghurt so I have bought natural fromage frais and some fruit to puree. We discussed other ideas but frankly came to the conclusion that I'm not a vegetable sticks in dip kinda gal so they'd more than likely be wasted. Up until now we didn't really want to shop more than once a week, if not less (ie once a month) but this may have to change.

However, I have said that I'm going to try this week a different service. Whilst the supermarket we were shopping at doesn't do deliveries, there's one very local that you can collect from called 'drive through' and I also found out a lovely 'natural' supermarket - Naturata - does deliveries so I'm going to have a look at both options this week (ie costs) and see if these may be the best solution for us. Another supermarket does do deliveries but I think these options will be the right ones for us...

Sooo 'food week' hasn't quite worked out exactly how I meant but I do feel I'm getting closer. I have made:

Jamie Oliver's Fish Pie ^

And Jamie Oliver's Salmon en Croute^

Still to go is Jamie Oliver's fish cakes and then a large mix of mince including vegetables to make something like bolognese or meat balls, etc... This all came about because we had an entire shelf of recipe books and I never looked at them, I used the same recipes if I wanted to and the rest of the time googled what I was after. So we decided to go through them. And one of the books is Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food. Which had the recipes mentioned above in it and we decided to keep that book so I thought I should put it to good use. I have previously made a different fish pie and then we've had things like tuna mayo on jacket potato but I don't know if having that every week gets a bit boring so we'll see. I would like to do a rolling menu plan but I don't know if it would need to be monthly or several months. DP also moans each time about how much food costs. Maybe that would be eliminated if I just did the shopping myself? 

The other thing I meant to cover this week is how I currently organise recipes. It's not the best way but it works for me. I like to have a paper copy of a recipe that I can refer to in the kitchen so I have a folder and keep recipes printed out in there in dividers. What I may try to do is scan all the recipes that I don't use regularly to save some shelf space. I have scanned some of my most used recipes but I can't load them at the moment so that will have to wait for another day! 

So all this leaves is... This week's menu plan! Well I'd normally have made it all by now and got it all out the freezer but this week I haven't so it's meant to be salmon en croute, fish pie, cottage pie and lasagne but we'll see! Plus it's DP and my wedding anniversary on Wednesday so that may change our plans (though that'll probably wait until the weekend) and I'm also thinking of having 'Food Friday' instead of Meal Planning Monday (simply because it works better for me). We'll see...

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