Monday, 1 July 2013

Mama Pickle's clothing clear out

I mentioned last week that I was actually looking forward to having a clothing clear out. I knew there was items in my wardrobe I don't ever wear, I had a total mish-mash of maternity and non maternity clothes, it was getting warmer in weather yet I still had masses of jeans and I was feeling a bit resentful of DP who doesn't do regular clear outs but can always grab his shorts at a moment's notice.

I heard of Project 333 - - a while ago and had already decided to follow it. I initially decided that I couldn't possibly follow it whilst pregnant but then recently thought why not? It was really just an excuse... So this afternoon whilst IP was napping I decided to take the plunge. I actually thought it would be A LOT easier than it was! I didn't realise how many non maternity clothes I'd kept - I thought I was just keeping some jeans and tops! I also cheated. I have a skirt and various long vests that I wear with leggings. I have enough leggings to wear 1 per day if I was to wear the skirt for a week. I don't however wear tights and they wouldn't be counted so I figured I'd see how it goes. I also forgot to count outer clothing (I assume this means coats, etc) and shoes.

So just to briefly cover what I did and what Project 333 covers:
  1. You pick 33 items including clothing, accessories, jewellery, outerwear and shoes. 
  2. You do not include wedding ring or other sentimental pieces of jewellery you never take off, underwear, sleep wear, 'in home lounge wear' and 'exercise' clothing. 
  3. Choose your items, box the rest up and put away.
And another thing the site mentions is that it's not meant to make you miserable. So if you don't fit something or you break something, you're not meant to suffer for the rest of the time! Hence I don't feel toooo bad keeping the leggings...

What I did:
I went through my wardrobe to start with as there was clothes piled on a suitcase at the bottom, a vacuum bag unvacuumed in it, various clothes that were maternity and non maternity in there. So I took out all the non maternity clothing - I had tried on a pair of jeans this morning that fit me recently and I couldn't get into them easily today so decided it was time to take out all non maternity. BUT I have put some things to one side in case I need them (like smart linen trousers I may want in the summer and will stretch).

I then went through my drawer, checked what was in the dirty laundry (luckily only 2 items) and quickly went through my jumpers drawer - there wasn't much in there anyway. I sorted it all into piles - some stuff I decided to just get rid of. The rest went into maternity/may need whilst pregnant and non maternity/already don't need. Later on I will vacuum pack both piles and hopefully they'll fit into the suitcase at the bottom of the wardrobe.

I then counted the clothes. I wear the same jewellery all the time and it's sentimental so I didn't count it. I planned to but was so close I decided I'd better not. THEN I realised that I was also meant to include shoes. And coats. Which I previously hadn't. So this attempt wasn't that great in the respect of following the rules. But it's a start and this is a continious journey. I will cover an idea I've just had in another post...

Soooo I know you all want to see the pictures! ;)

The pile of non maternity clothes. (Hmmm I should actually take a photo of the suitcase cos I LOVE said suitcase!)

This is the pile of 'maternity' clothes. I bought some too big maternity trousers online when I first got pregnant but was advised strongly by 2 friends to keep them as at the end I may be desperate for them. I kinda hope I won't but they are at least there if I do need them. The other stuff is vests that I bought for a 'hot' holiday when pregnant with IP. They're not maternity and I doubt I'll wear them but I'd be really cross if I put them away somewhere hard to get and then did want them. And I figure the pile is pretty small and I AM pregnant! ;) (For anyone wondering, not sure if I've said but Munchkin is 'due' in October and this cycle of Project 333 ends in September so whilst the cycle is perfect for when I want to go through my wardrobe, it's not so good for pregnancy/ summer/ end of pregnancy! ;)

Jumper drawer:


'Hanging' (I probably could and probably should reduce this more but for now I feel I've done good enough):

'Tops' - vests on left and tshirts on right:

And I have to admit this is a slightly 'gratuitous' photo for me. Just to prove that it's not ALWAYS the female that has the most wardrobe space, etc! The right side is my clothes. The clothes I've already said I could probably reduce further. The left/middle/three quarters remainder is DP's clothes! HOWEVER in his defence, he wears a shirt to work every day plus some nights out whereas I avoid buying clothes that need ironing when possible so I have no issue with him taking this space (In case you're wondering, the brightly coloured thing on the right is IP's pop up tunnel. If I put it within reach she opens it. So for now and so I don't go bonkers, I've put it out of reach and sight...)

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