Monday, 22 July 2013

Meal Planning Monday... Week 2

I started this last week after I mentioned my awesome Facebook friend, suggested the idea. Last week's meals were supposed to be:

Monday - Fish pie (frozen in 'bulk')
Tuesday - Lasagne (frozen in bulk)
Wednesday - Burger or sausage with vegetable cake
Thursday - Potato soup
Friday - Fish & chips, mushy peas
Saturday - whatever DP chooses
Sunday - whatever DP chooses

Yes, that's right, I am very lucky that my awesome husband just happens to love cooking and eating (and eating out) so I only cook because I'm home with IP! :) As such I only started trying to cook when IP was 6 months old. Now we live here I tend to cook recipes for about 6 people, maybe once a month. Freeze and then defrost each portion each week. It works reasonably well. Anddd as I mentioned last week, I am trying to use up the items currently in the freezer and cupboard (and fridge, etc).

So how did we do?

Well, I can't even remember what we ate on Monday but we did eat the lasagne and we ate out on Thursday. We, it turned out, didn't have potato soup left. Then I had also forgotten we had my parents visiting on Friday to Sunday. So we didn't have fish and chips on Friday, DP dealt with meals.

This week:

We still have Fish pie to eat.
We have Chilli con carne with rice.
Fish cakes & vegetable cakes.
And I have the ingredients to make a chicken casserole.

What order these things get eaten in is a different matter as we have a fairly busy week in comparison to previous weeks.

Then on Friday I am hosting a coffee morning so I'm hoping to make my mother's 'Crunchy Muesli Tray Bake' which is a bit like flap jack (and involves using cupboard ingredients up so a double bonus).

I will hopefully be able to take some photo's of our fridge, freezer and cupboard at the end of this week as I don't think it'll be long before we have to start planning meals based on war time rations (as per my previous post)...

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