Monday, 15 July 2013

Meal Planning Monday...

So I have previously promised you I'd do Meal Planning Monday. And it's now Monday. So... Here it is! I am currently doing an 'experiment' where I am using up all the items in my freezer (fridge as well technically) and my cupboard and then I plan to use a WW2 rationing style idea to menu plan in future. Soooo I've actually already done my menu planning until around the end of this month but some things have changed.

Previous meal plans for the last 2 weeks were:

1/7 vegetable cake & sausages
2/7 beef burger & vegetable cake
3/7 fish pie
4/7 ham hot pot vegetables & pasta

8/7 tuna pasta bake
9/7 beef burger & veg. cake
10/7 fish pie
11/7 potato soup

And actually I think we pretty much stuck to this. Oh except we did eat out on 8th and I'd already made a tuna pasta 'salad' so we had it instead of the vegetable cake combination another day.

I read my facebook friend's blog first to get an idea of what the rations were. I also read a post on Imperfect Homemaking just now. I kind of do that. We try to have fish three times a week. And I am VERY lucky that DP loves cooking and I don't so I only started cooking when IP turned 6 months and was weaning her. So DP cooks (or we eat out) at the weekend. So I actually only have to meal plan Monday - Thursday. So we have fish and chips on a Friday and then I try to plan in fish on a Monday and Wednesday. With using everything up from the freezer that hasn't always worked recently...

If you need another reason to menu/meal plan then this post from Minimalist Mom also helped.

Ok, enough's enough. This week's meal plan:

Monday 15th - Fish pie (frozen in 'bulk')
Tuesday 16th - Lasagne (")
Wednesday 17th - Burger or sausage and vegetable cake. If the weather is good and DP gets home from work early enough he'll do this on the BBQ - must take a photo of our balcony where we've eaten most night's this last week!
Thursday 18th - Possibly potato soup. This wasn't very successful last week so I may defrost Chilli Con Carne instead. I had planned to have a lovely Italian Herb Bread made at home to go with the Potato Soup but due to miscommunication it didn't work out so either I'll do it this week or DP may say forget the potato soup...
Friday 19th - We have frozen fish and chips and mushy peas if stocks allow.
Saturday 20th - Whatever DP chooses
Sunday 21st - "

This is without consulting what's in the freezer or the cupboard. I will do that towards the last week of the month.

*Update: I just realised I forgot to say that I borrowed this idea from my awesome facebook friend -

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