Monday, 1 July 2013

Minimalist Thoughts & Ideas

Over the weekend whilst I've been purging DP and I have also been discussing various ideas. And I realised I haven't covered a few things as well:

Firstly, Munchkin is due at the end of October. However, a topic I will cover later is that IP arrived early. She was nearly 2 months early, 32+4 weeks gestation. So even my Gynecologist has said the due date is not a definite. I feel a lot healthier this time in comparison so I hope that all will be well. Plus it's standard to see a Gynecologist here in Luxembourg and I get monthly appointments and scans so I'm not too worried. However I mention this as it came up in my previous clothing post because the end of my first 3 months of trying Project 333 will be just as I'm about due so it has made it harder (what fits now probably won't then and I probably won't feel like constantly swapping clothing around).

DP and I discussed that there's no cheaper way to have Sky and DP certainly still wants it (I'm undecided). Minimalism isn't about DP doing without so I'm fine with that, I did say it was more about if we could reduce the cost. BUT I have said what about having nights where we only do Wii fit and nights where we watch tv. At the moment DP gets home from work, we have dinner, he puts IP to bed and we watch tv. Last week whilst we were away it was lovely because we couldn't watch tv so we actually talked! So I have suggested that we have 2 nights that we just do the Wii fit. 2 nights of watching tv. A night to ourselves - kinda 'date' night but DP doesn't like that term. I'm also going to look into babysitters but we'll see on that one. Part of me doesn't see the point as Munchkin won't sleep through immediately and I'm only happy having a babysitter for IP because I know she normally sleeps through. So with only a few months to go... But we'll see. I also plan to delete a lot of the tv we currently record. Soap operas for example. 

The other thing is that I'm planning to do reviews of our belongings - particularly children items - just before June and December. IP birthday is in June so it seems a good time to do it. Munchkin's birthday will hopefully be October, mine is in November and then there's Christmas in December. I am also trying to change the way I think about spending. I saw a lovely coat and boots whilst we were away but resisted getting them (for IP/Munchkin) because they don't need them and they were probably overpriced being at a theme park. I'm also thinking of trying to introduce a 1 in 1 out policy and possibly get rid of 1 item a week at least, even after I've done this big purge. We have limited 'storage' here (small garage space and a storage room) so unlike when we lived in the UK I can't keep lots of stuff and take it to charity as easily (I've JUST found a drop off point and I don't know if they have a limit). But whilst I don't dislike doing regular clear outs, I would prefer to look around at least once and feel there's nothing more I could get rid of. So I hope these ideas will help with that. 

Minimalism still to do:
Wrapping paper/ spare present boxes - I think 3 may be a bit excessive?! :)
Children's stuff - IP and Munchkin's clothing, plus anything else as it comes up.
Craft cupboard
Bath toys - mentioned yesterday.
Scanning - I have a large bag of things to scan.
Photo's - add new ones and then organise the current ones. 
Recipe books - copy recipes we like and donate the books.
Emails - I regularly end up with 8 plus pages of emails in my inbox, this is with folders and it's annoying. Reading these posts is encouraging: Loving Simple Living & The Minimalist Mom

On top of this there are also other bits and bobs to get done and I restart French lessons this week and haven't even looked at it so it's a busy time! ;)


  1. I'm going to love reading your blog - I'm kind of in a similar mindset. I just want to simplify everything - we have too much STUFF - physical and mental and just spend so much time sorting it out, finding a place for it, cleaning it or trying to sell it - much easier to not buy things in the first place!! Good luck xx

  2. Lovely to hear from you Gemma and glad you like the blog! It makes it worth writing to hear that! :) (I'm very new to blogging so never know if what I'm writing is interesting). Hope all is well and look forward to hearing how you do! :)