Friday, 12 July 2013

Once you start you can't stop! ;)

I use this term for a lot of things but I am now at the stage where I just want rid of things. Where I'd normally worry about how much I'd spent on something and keep it to one day put on Ebay and then never quite get round to it, now I'm thinking 'why bother?' If I get it out of my house then it's less stuff to dust and more space...

Some items that have recently 'flown the nest':

At the moment I am pondering whether to put onto ebay or just bin some tickets I bought years ago that are valid in the UK. Having moved to Luxembourg methinx I won't be using them any time soon? They were expensive but I don't seem to do that well with Ebay selling and I know I've tried to sell them online before...
Various bits of paperwork, I've done some research so it's now either ready to scan or in the shredding pile... DP shredded all the bits we cleared out last weekend and took the rubbish sack's worth straight to the recycling point with IP :)

Cleaning supplies (please excuse the naff photo but if I take them all out again now I may change my mind):

Various craft supplies like paint. To a lot of people who know me, this may seem crazy. I love arts and crafts. However something I have recently realised is I don't do much with IP. Being so young I can't just leave her to it and we go to one Playgroup currently where they do 'Messy Play' every other week. And do you know what? She hates the free painting session. Well hates a strong word but I struggle to get her involved. She also hates 'mess' on her hands - she expects them to be cleaned often (certainly not her mother's daughter!) SO I came to the conclusion that if she suddenly gets interested in anything more than stickers than I'll worry about it then, but right now she has more than enough toys to play with, colouring books and crayons, plus creche 3 afternoon's a week and I frankly do not have the inclination to make a massive mess of everything trying to persuade her to get 'crafty'.
I have also now gone through my craft supplies box and been VERY ruthless. The amount of random things I was keeping in there for 'one day'...

Wrapping materials. It's crazy to think I had 4 boxes and a bag in the UK. I still have 3 boxes and a bag but they're slightly emptier. And when I thought about it, I've had some of this tissue paper or bags for years. I love wrapping presents nicely. But actually I tend to probably buy new at the time.  So why do I have about 10 years worth (probably) of second hand tissue paper!? And probably 10 years worth of new tissue paper, pretty bags, etc!? Well no more! :) Don't get me wrong, I still have some, just not as much. I have a box for Christmas stuff still, a box for presents still and a box for wrapping supplies. They're just not overflowing...

Various toilettries.

I still have a massive to do list but today after a tough morning I managed to get some of it ticked off at least. 

Just to clarify, I haven't got rid of any of the clothes that I'm not using for the next 3 months as part of Project 333. I have packaged them up in storage, the same goes for IP's clothing. If we're both still in the same size clothing in 3 months then I will probably just change the items for variety. I believe the idea is more to simplify your current wardrobe.


  1. Hi it's me.Just read through this for a catch up as I have been meeting myself coming back.Loving the blog it's driving me to get rid of more,keep it up.HYx

  2. Loving this!! Do try and have another go with eBay - I've made over £350 this year from stuff I've sold and would otherwise have thrown out or given away. It is a bit of a faff but it can add up :). I have LOADS of craft stuff despite having a good clear down but still can't get rid of any more - and keep collecting rubbish for future craft projects!! And I've got a wrapping paper box too - my problem is I don't like using things so won't use a nice bag which is silly - am trying to use things up more than just keeping them for the future!

    1. Gemma - I did consider it but recently I tried again on Ebay and made a very small amount. I paid about £80 for a bag, never used it and ebayed it. I got £30 for it plus the postage was wrong so it worked out closer to £20 and I've not managed to sell other items that I posted so I wasted about £7 in fees. It bugs me but I feel I just want to get things out for now.
      I TOTALLY know what you mean about the bag thing! :D I have just started to really restrain myself but it's hard! ;) DP thinks I'm bonkers! He's like 'it's a bag'... Yes but it's bewtiful... ;)
      Good to hear you're enjoying the blog! :)