Friday, 12 July 2013

Other stuff...

So after an emotional few days I have come to a conclusion. Or had a brainwave. If I ever want to be organised about activities that we do and have a vaguely organised home, then I need to stop doing so much. That may seem obvious but I mean things like the 'extra' craft things I come up with. At the moment I have been working on getting things ready for Munchkin, trying to keep up with Pickle, keeping this blog going and all manner of other things. So I hope this weekend to finish the few bits that I can, next week will be going out and about to various places and then hopefully that will be it. And I've asked DP to remind me of this so I don't buy a load of random stuff in the future and then overload myself and feel bad. This is meant to be a life long idea rather than just because I'm having Munchkin, it's just Munchkin's impending arrival that has made me realise I can't continue to do everything and not burn out.

Soooo still to come:

  • We've still got sorting out to do in terms of taking larger bits to the recycling centre and decluttering in general will be ongoing, I have marked points in the calendar. As many other minimizing mum's have said, minimalism is a journey, not a destination.
  • I still plan to open an online shop on here in the future so that will be my crafting outlet. I also plan to continue making things for friends. I just don't want masses of stock taking up masses of space.
  • I am finishing some bits for IP that I will post about later in more detail. 
  • Silent Sunday
  • Meal Planning Monday


  1. I had the same revelation on holiday!!! I now have my priorities - my boys, food, craft, myself and spin offs from them but everything else can fall by the wayside and boy is life easier!!

    1. A kindred spirit Gemma? :) If you're on facebook I have set up a blog profile so please feel free to pop over and have a look... :) And you've inspired me to write another post... :D