Friday, 5 July 2013

Part 2: Sorting IP & Munchkin's clothing

I often think IP has too much clothing, I have no idea how it happens. I lie. I do know how it happens. We buy a few key items we like. We probably buy too much. Then we get given gifts (not even necessarily for an occasion) - Just to clarify, I am NOT complaining about this! It just happens to be a contributor - and then we've got an awesome friend who's daughter just happens to be a bit bigger than IP so she gives us her daughter's clothes (again, awesome!). 

Today I thought I'd try to apply Project 333 to Pickle's wardrobe. I decided as I had missed some points on my own wardrobe sort out earlier this week and IP LOVES her shoes I decided to leave those out of it. I have also not gone through her hair accessories yet. I will probably keep them for if Munchkin is a girl but par down what she actually has. 

Just started and this is the pile not to be worn at the moment (excluding the green hoodie)!

The left is nightwear but the right side is jumpers and cardi's...

Previously there was a drawer for tops, 1 for trousers. My aim was to reduce it to 1 drawer for IP so I could have 1 drawer for Munckin...

In order to start this, I read parts of this post:

There was also a few items in the wash (including newly out of storage) so I had a look and made a guess that there was maybe 5-10 items in the wash.

The first list looked like this:

1.       top
2.       trousers
3.       dress
4.       top
5.       dress
6.       top
7.       dress
8.       tshirt
9.       tshirt
10.   tshirt
11.   tshirt
12.   tshirt
13.   tshirt
14.   trousers
15.   trousers
16.   trousers
17.   trousers
18.   trousers
19.   trousers
20.   shorts
21.   shorts
22.   shorts
23.   shorts
24.   cardi
25.   cardi
26.   cardi
27.   cardi
28.   woolly jumper
29.   green hoodie

First attempt:

This was the extra things I hadn't included:
  • Rain coat
  • Sandals
  • Red crocs
  • Green ‘shoes’
  • Pink wellies
  • Red wellies
  • Hat
  • Hat

 I then had another look in sheer frustration and running out of time and made this revised version:

  1. top
  2. trousers
  3. dress
  4. top
  5. top
  6. dress
  7. top
  8. top
  9. dress
  10. tshirt
  11. tshirt
  12. tshirt
  13. trousers
  14. trousers
  15. shorts
  16. shorts
  17. shorts
  18. shorts
  19. cardi
  20. cardi
  21. cardi
  22. cardi
  23. wooly jumper
  24. green hoodie
  25. + whatever’s in the wash…. Tbc…

The final pile! I have put these into a small vacuum bag and they'll be stored somewhere. IP has been wearing this particular size for a long time and has actually just gone back into smaller clothes because of Potty Training so she could actually get a lot of use out of some of them!

The other thing I did was empty the 2 changing bags and read what Minimalist Mom's book says on what you need for a baby. I had A LOT of rubbish in these bags! The one on the right was a wedding anniversary present for me and kept in the boot for a while. The left one was for getting the bus, etc. I will probably add a few things to the list and I can't really pack them yet as I haven't washed Munchkin's clothing, but it was good to at least empty them and get an idea of what was there... (The pile on the left)

So I plan to come back to it, probably over the weekend, pretty quickly. I've done most of the washing at the moment, it's just drying and then needs putting away and then double checking what's there. 

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