Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Quick catch up

I will write a proper more thorough post (with photo's!) but I just wanted to update you briefly on what's going on at the Pickle residence. Yesterday I managed to sort IP's clothing for Munchkin and tidy her room a little bit. I also did the filing. DP and I are HOPEFULLY (he would prefer to go out so we're going to see how the weather is) going to go through all our paperwork at the weekend and either shred, scan or make a note so I can find out what can be sent electronically. It will depend on the weather though as DP is not so keen on the idea as I am! ;) Oh and I have also got round to uploading all my photo's so will hopefully do a post on our recent mini break with some photo's. Soooo out of:

Wrapping paper - still not started
Children's stuff - I would say half to 3/4 of the way there. There's still more sorting out to do but I've clarified a bit more and sorted more, I know what we've got and what we need to get and we also won't get some furniture until August (our neighbour is selling us some bits). Also there isn't really room so DP is going to properly put the cot up the week that I actually have Munchkin (yes I have already got him to build it and then take it down to be sure what's there). Oh and I want to do Project 333 with IP's wardrobe as well. Or at least as much as I have with my own (ie I might exclude her footwear, etc).
Craft cupboard - not started and added more to it (but I am determined to be RUTHLESS with it and I hope to do it this afternoon)
Bath toys - not done but I have had some ideas on this & hope it won't take long.
Scanning - not started
Recipe books - not started
Emails - I went through 8 pages and got it down to 1 but I still need to a) go through the remainder and b) set a day when I'm going to go through them regularly. But it is a start!
New thing to add to the list: 
Filing - declutter and sort with DP

I also hope to make some dishes that can be frozen to use up some ingredients we've bought. We've been eating the same things this week because it was easy but it's not healthy. And won't help use cupboard 'stock' up...

And the sentence 'but it's a start' is the important thing. I've not felt on top form this week - I have some theories and I'm pretty sure I'm ok - but it has reminded me that I am about 6 months pregnant, things will get harder from here (I felt a lot worse at this stage with IP!) and although it needs doing, some stuff is not urgent and if I need some water then I must stop then and there and drink some water/ eat some food or rest. Continuing and making myself ill will not help anyone. So if I don't post as much as before, I certainly haven't forgotten, I just want my body to calm down and rest a bit before I continue...

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