Saturday, 13 July 2013

Toy Box Labels & decluttering schedule.

Firstly, this is VERY much a working progress. But I am sick of seeing no labels or some that are Dymo on IP's toy boxes. So I have decided

1. Any label, however badly put together, for now is better than none. Especially as I would like to test some durability.
2. I am going to revisit 'decluttering' IP's toy collection, along with many other things. In the future. This will be explained further down...

So the labels I have made at the moment are below:

I was planning on all sorts, when IP is older she'll colour in the letters, I planned to get photo's or exact replica's from Google Image of her toys and I was going to wrap sticky back plastic ALL the way round the toy box. Oh yes, and I was going to laminate the pictures first. I even considered this from The Cottage Home. But right now I do not have the time or the inclination to get everything done perfectly. My mother would call this the 80/20 rule. I think.

Scheduling decluttering:
We currently have a print out calendar on our fridge for family events. So IP's swimming lessons were up there. It's particularly for weekend activities but when I remember I put stuff up there and when DP remembers he does too. He's better at updating it than I am, to be honest, because most of our stuff is routine then I forget if it's not. Anyway, I have added a note that in October time 'ISH' I want to revisit declutering. I say ish because Munchkin is due in October so I am not actually expecting to achieve this. But it's good to set expectations high, right? I hoped to get everything ready for Munchkin's arrival by now and it pretty much is, so this idea is not unachievable, but it is probably unlikely. However at least if I put it there I won't forget completely. AND I am about to start a list of areas I want to visit. So far:

  • My hair supplies
  • My toiletries
  • IP's hair supplies (yes, for a 2yo with not that long a hair, she has A LOT of hair stuff!)
  • IP's toys - I hope to review this sort of in the near future because we don't have masses of room but if we don't get very far then at least I can review it then. 
  • *Updated: my nail varnishes. Currently wearing a yellow colour on my toes and it doesn't look that good.

I'm sure there's masses of other things. I had planned to do this decluttering at any point between October and December and we normally aim to get Christmas decorations out for the start of December PLUS we know there's a lot of other stuff nearby the decorations that are currently hard to get to that I will probably get rid of. So it is unlikely this will all happen in October. BUT at least by having it on the calendar and a list, I hope to remember...

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