Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Following 5 tips to a simpler home...

One of the blogs on my list is loving simple living and I recently read the 'getting started' 5 simple tips so thought I'd give them a go -

  • Throw out dead plants. ~ I'm not great with plants so just had to persuade DP to do this at the weekend. Not done completely but getting there... (and they're on the balcony anyway).
  • Collect all visible paper and recycle, file, or put away out of sight.  Take a walk around the house. ~ Some of these options I hadn't thought of at all so it was a good eye opener. I haven't been able to completely finish this because we have a stack of paper to use for recycling on the sideboard but we are making progress and it did get me thinking about a lot of things. There's a massssssiivveeeeee bag of documents to be scanned (I am praying to get through some of it this weekend!), I've just thought of somewhere I can keep the paper to be recycled (it's put in the printer but there's too much right now) that's out of sight.
  • Underwear drawer. ~ Well I have sort of been doing this for months in line with being pregnant...
  • Pick a horizontal surface in your home.  I like the kitchen counters, but it might be a bit of an extreme start for you if you are just getting started.    Clear the space off entirely. ~ I may have first read this and it said something about the kitchen which we struggled with. I cleared a lot off but DP agreed it's impossible for us to clear everything off. However this did get me thinking and last weekend we put some photo's up so that we could clear more room on surfaces. We haven't totally emptied the top of our bookshelves but have made a lot of room, the top of the sewing machine cabinet is now empty & the sideboard is a lot clearer (my theory with this is also that it's much easier to clean and keep clean when I have a toddler & baby to deal with in a few months).
  • Find one thing you don’t like, one thing that is broken, and one thing you don’t use and remove it from the house. ~ broken = 2 things, my sunglasses were still wearable and I loved them but the 'plastic' was coming off the sides and I have numerous other pairs so I decided to bin them. The cat & myself also managed to break a glass. The latter I was gutted about because it was 1 of a set of 4 that we loved and can't get a replacement for but I'm hoping to get maybe 4 in total or something of a similar set... Amongst masses of other things, I bought an ice lollipop set a while ago and it's not very easy to use, I suspect as it was cheap. So that's going. Um something I don't like? Recipe books maybe? 

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