Friday, 30 August 2013

Food delivery...

I mentioned here that we have started using Auchan drive recently. For anyone who lives in the UK or USA or similar and has never been 'abroad' on a Sunday, you won't understand the significance and excitement of this for me...

Ok, in the UK all shops are open most of the time. Yes, there are Sunday opening hours law but the shops are all pretty much all still open. Here (& I know in France) this isn't the case. Banks aren't open on a Saturday and you can forget any of these shops being open on a Sunday. Sunday is considered the day of rest in this Catholic country. As someone who previously did a lot of customer service related jobs I actually appreciate this a lot more than DP. A few years back I had to work in a shop on Boxing Day, for nearly a normal working day but as it was about 15 minutes less I was only eligible for a short break. I started at 8am so didn't have time to eat before I left and people were queueing outside - this was a 'normal' supermarket! I also had a delightful lady shout at me when her sweets wouldn't scan, that she knew how these stupid tills worked, it was the tills and me that were the problem. I didn't get a chance to explain that she needed to turn the packet the other way round (it helps to scan the bar code rather than have the bar code facing upwards! ;)). Anyway I digress, that was years ago, I'm over it, honest ;) 

What I do recognise is that having shops not open on a Sunday when you're used to that can be a bit of a pain. They do change this I think in the run up to Christmas & possibly over Summer. 

The other thing that not all supermarkets will do here is deliver shopping. As I'm sure a lot of you are thinking, one of the first good things a new mum and/or someone striving for minimalism does is check their shopping budget and see what they can do about it. Well we were spending ridiculous amounts and not wasting masses but we could do a lot better. 

So I moaned to some other mum's that I couldn't get food delivered easily... And one of them mentioned Auchan Drive. We were shopping at a place called 'Cora' that we liked. Auchan is a well known supermarket and the one nearest is a short walk from where DP works. But. We went there on a Saturday evening when we first moved. Big mistake. It is RIDICULOUSLY busy and my blood pressure must have gone through the roof. It's good for all sorts of things, like baby items at a good price but we couldn't repeat the initial experience - buying a few items to keep us going when we first moved took us 3 HOURS once we'd located them, translated them and then got everything to the till. It took DP half an hour to work out the right cat litter and when we started we intended to have a quick coffee at the end, when we actually finished the coffee shops were shut! So although Auchan is one of the lowest cost supermarkets we didn't go there much. 

Then I checked out Auchan Drive. It's a service where you choose your items on line, you can have it translated into English. Pay as normal. You pick your slot in half an hour time scales (but the first time we used it we were 10 minutes late and they didn't bat an eye lid). Then you got to the depot and collect your shopping, including on a Sunday morning! For us at the moment this is perfect. We get the benefits of reducing our food bills hopefully, It's not an issue for me during the day time or DP at weekends to go and collect the food, he can take IP if he needs to and most importantly IP was really beginning to have tantrums so it eliminates that.

Negatives are that it's not delivered but DP pointed out that you have to stay in the house over a much larger time frame for the delivery service so for us this isn't really an issue. And you don't seem to collect loyalty card points. We still need to go shopping occasionally for a few fresh bits so we can collect points on those purchases and DP also gets 'vouchers' as part of a salary scheme here (most employees I think get it here) and we can't use those online but we will use those on the weekly purchases... Frankly, right now, this is a small 'price to pay' for the service! :)

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