Saturday, 10 August 2013

Food Friday & an apology...

First the apology. It's not actually Friday AND I realised yesterday that I haven't done this for 2 weeks. I don't even know where the time has gone! So apologies...

Now onto Food Friday on Saturday (please note that I found the graphic below via google images & have posted the original source below. I DID NOT create it myself)!

I wrote a sort of food plan in this post on Food Week but we were in the process of changing how we plan food so what I had intended to do didn't really happen. Well having had a whole 2 weeks we've been able to try other options:

  • I never got round to making the fish cakes or mince mixture.
  • We still have some of the fish pie & salmon en croute. Both were ok but DP prefers the other fish pie that I was making.
  • Food & what IP eats is working better.
  • We placed our first order with Auchan Drive for some things to have at a picnic on Sunday and it was successful. I'll cover this in another post but we'll be using it for the forseeable future.
  • I have changed how I organise recipes. Again think it's big enough to cover in a separate post!
  • So I hope to switch to a Food Friday. However what I think I will probably do is a rolling menu plan for at least 2 weeks, maybe 4. So we'll see how that all works...

So for the last few weeks we have eaten:

Jamie Oliver fish pie & salmon en croute. Curry take away for our wedding anniversary (& that always does at least 2 meals). I had defrosted a chicken casserole on Tuesday but it was vile so we ate cheese on toast instead and on Thursday cheesy scrambled eggs with pasta!

The plan for this week is:

Ickle Pickle:
I have tried to remember much more this week that she should have some form of food every few hours (so breakfast, lunch before her nap a few hours later, a snack when she wakes up & then dinner) and she's loving babybel cheese & ham so that's been her lunch most days & then she's wanted it as a snack as well sometimes. I've also tried to stop forcing her to eat more, remembering an article that said a toddler's stomach is the size of their fist - her fist is probably the size of a babybel! And, I have to say, she seems happier with this arrangement. She's now eating more 'sugary naughty' snacks but she is also happy enough eating fruit - we tried to get her to have her fish & chips last night, she wouldn't but then ate a whole pear for desert! (along with other food I should add)

I have discovered cottage cheese is a nice easy lunch so have been eating that & generally mixing some ham in with it.

Monday  ~ fish ~ Jamie Oliver salmon en croute
Tuesday ~pasta bake
Wednesday ~fish ~Jamie Oliver salmon fish cake with sweet potato wedges
Thursday ~ Ikea meat balls with pasta
Friday ~ fish ~ fish & chips

I also plan to make jacket potatoes to freeze, our 'normal' fish pie, a pasta bake and chilli con carne. I guess I've got so used to bulk cooking that having a nearly empty freezer is making me nervous! ;) Having said that, this week has been a bit hard as I hadn't even realised I hadn't done a meal plan so have just 'winged' it. DP went out on Wednesday but by Thursday I was really stuck for what to cook... So I would rather bulk cook once and then if we need to do weekly shops it'll be less anyway.

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