Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Introducing a toddler to having a baby sibling ~ Part 1

So what have I been working on? Well as I've finished a box of 'quiet' activities for IP and I said I'd do a post on it, I thought now would be a good time! I saw this through a facebook friend and followed the ideas. She pointed me towards her board on Pinterest. I don't tend to look at Pinterest a lot although I do have a board on Pinterest but I have heard it's a good tool to use for blogs so I do plan to create a blog board on there...

The different things I have done I did find on a random blog post but I now can't find the actual link, sadly, so I will update if I find it...

I firstly made a note of the different games:

Paint bags - IP doesn't seem to like painting but I read this idea (sorry I have no idea where I found said suggestion) of putting paint into a ziplock style bag.
Pots and pipe cleaners - can put pipe cleaners into the pots...
Colour wheel and pegs - match the pegs to the colour on the wheel.
Washing line with clothes - peg the clothes to the line
Stickers and card - IP loves stickers!
Toilet roll cut up with pipe cleaners - for threading. She normally puts her wrist through toilet rolls but hopefully ribbon and pipe cleaners will be better! 
Pasta and thread - making a pasta necklace!
Hide & seek bag - list of items to find.
'Button' snake - the original had a button on the end of the ribbon but I'm not great with sewing so I super glued 2 shapes with ribbon in between and then cut a hole in the felt pieces to thread them onto the ribbon
Magnifier and pots - giant tweezers to move items between pots and a magnifying glass.
Shop bought puzzles - I saw a couple of things and decided to buy them.
Other bits- a few other random items.

We happened to be returning to the UK the week after I found this so I tried to source some of the materials whilst we were there. We already had various sizes of Ikea bags so I put the different items into the bags and then started working out what I needed to add. So I put the pegs into the bag, made a note I needed to find other pegs & to print the colour wheel.
Colour wheel & pegs:

Hide & Seek bag + list:

Pots to push things into, pipe cleaners & pom poms to push:

'Washing line' & clothes. I also added some pegs:

Paint bags:

Pasta & thread:

Pipe cleaners & toilet rolls:

'Button' snake:

Stickers & card:

Magnifying glass, tweezers & pots with items:

Threads & card:

Shop bought puzzles:

Other items:

I was planning that IP would see it for the first time when Munchkin was born but she's already managed to open it and play with a few things as I was compiling it. At least I know she likes them!

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