Saturday, 24 August 2013

To do?

I mentioned in my declutter post update that there was various other things still to do:

  • I still have a pile of scanning to do, probably the more important document scanning as well. I had a bit of a hitch when I did the scanning and ended up with the equivalent of a day wasted. However, I have also scanned all of IP's artwork from the last 2 years. I have already started using some of it as wrapping paper, some was on scrap paper so will probably be binned. In the future I have created a document and we plan to get her to colour in a different document each time. We're also hoping to send family members artwork every few months.
  • I have decluttered a lot of art supplies but am going to see how things go as to whether I do more. I am hoping to get more creative and then try to sell bits locally but I plan to worry about that when Munchkin's born and we've settled a bit. So I have saved the bits I'd need BUT have put some vague deadlines on it. If I find that life is too busy and I don't have time I will just have to take the plunge and get rid of it all. 
  • And the same goes for all the baby items, we've kept pretty much everything we bought for IP so as Munchkin grows in and out of items we'll get rid of them. 
  • I still need to go through our filing folders, label things and check we actually need everything but for now the important thing is that it takes up a lot less space than the filing trolley! ;)
  • Looking at our bookshelves there's probably a lot more folders and 'things' we could get rid of, plus I haven't gone through any of the children's books - we have hard books in the living room and the 'soft' books in IP's bedroom. Again this is something I plan to deal with when Munchkin's born... Having said that, I have noticed today that IP only really reads the same books repeatedly so we'll see how things go...
  • I also noticed that various clothes, tops mostly, I haven't been wearing because I wear the same tops, wash and then rewear them before I've got through the tops in the drawer. I could have done with more 'bottoms' but as I'm wearing maternity clothes and only have a few more months left, I will worry about that in the future. I just found it interesting that I thought it would be really easy reducing to 33 items, then found it hard and now I have barely even worn said items anyway!? 
  • I have cleared off the chest of drawers several times and I really wanted it to stay empty but at the moment it hasn't. There's baby bits that I don't think we'll use but I can't be sure, there's the duvet we're not currently using cos it's warm and an empty box to put donation items in when I next want to... Oh well!
  • In order to write this post I walked round the apartment looking and making notes. DP mentioned the other day that he felt IP's room was fine. Well I doubt I'll ever agree. She plays with the same toys most of the time or follows me, so it seems a bit crazy that she's got a massive 6 part toy box! She also has a toy chest of toys to 'grow into'. I have already dramatically reduced her teddies. Basically to teddies she has, rather than my old teddies. I suppose in this respect I am looking forward to Munchkin arriving so I can get rid of stuff as it's outgrown... 
  • I stored some of my sandals that I wasn't wearing which means we now have a lovely empty shoe stand. And we were using an old bin for cloth nappies but have started using a 'wet bag' due to the change in layout of IP's bedroom so the old bin is currently in the corner as I was planning to reuse it but now am not so sure. 

What I did forget to mention in my update of decluttering is we went through a box that just had 'board' games in it. Well firstly the box handle had broken. But unexpectedly to me, between us we managed to reduce it to a few games that fitted elsewhere! We had just bought an electric cool box so DP decided to store it where the games box had been... (which also reminds me that I got rid of some old cool bags as we've got bags for shopping AND this cool box)

Oh yes, I also 'decluttered' our First Aid box. I needed to go to our local pharmacy so asked if they accept the bag of 'old' medicines - I knew they do in England and they do here too! :) So all our medicines now fit in the box or 1 small corner of the shelf I can reach (that IP can't).

Oh and I have deleted things like the text messages that were saved on my mobile. 

I still have various craft related things to do, soft folders to go through, sort through the 'craft' cupboard, filing and normal house hold maintenance. Buttt I feel we're getting there a lot more than before! :)


  1. A few weeks ago I did the very same and scanned in a ton of my documents so that they were only digital (with backups of course). And I recently did a massive sale and donation via Craigslist and Freecycle, and much of my art supplies went. So it's ironic that you mention giving up some of your art supplies.

    Recently, since you mentioned going through your clothing, my husband decided to make a 50% closet cutback. We counted out clothing items (and our wardrobe wasn't big to begin with)and then cut back by 50%

    It's so nice to 'meet' and see more people living simply, minimally.

    Cheers to ya!

  2. Well I don't know if you've heard of Project 333 but that's what I have started 'trying' and it's really made me think a lot more about what I wear and what IP wears.

    How did you find Craigslist selling went? I don't know if there is such a thing or similar in Luxembourg but I do keep thinking I am now at the 'I really should sell that rather than donate it' point but I hate Ebay... We'll see! :)

    :)Good to 'meet' you! :)

    1. I ended up donating a lot of my stuff, which I wrote about because it totally changed my viewpoint on things. I regularly sell on Amazon and eBay so the rest I sold there. We are still selling/donating because we are trying to get down to nothing but basic essentials. The furniture is going next. My husband and I are working towards getting an RV and living in it, traveling the country, because we really want less space and so we're trying to get down to so few things we can comfortable fit in one.

      I haven't actually heard the details of Project 333 but I have heard of other bloggers doing it, so it must be a worthwhile thing.


  3. Yes it's funny how once you get started with these things you get really carried away with it?! For example IP found some clips the other day and I thought 'I haven't used those for ages' & immediately wanted to get rid of them but also felt a pang of 'I like them'... ;) But I'm also pretty tired this week (I guess the 3rd tri has hit) so am determined to try not to think about these things until around Christmas time.
    If you either google Project 333 or under my 'archives' there's a post about me sorting clothes and it should be in there. Basically you pick 33 items for 3 months and that is all you wear. There's a little more to it but it really got me thinking and it's REALLY helped me! Plus cos our apartment isn't huge, having 1 drawer of clothing for IP + 1 for the new baby has really helped. I haven't actually got rid of any of her clothes, they're all stored under a bed so when people say 'what if she grows?' well you can still swap an item, but day to day it makes life a lot easier. Well for me anyway! ;) I first heard of it ages ago and didn't apply it for a long time... Off to have a look at your writing on donating stuff :) Oh and as we have a cat as well, I seem to recall you have cats, how do they affect things? Cos our cat is very outdoorsy whereas 1 friend I know has a lot of cats but they stay indoors & she travels with them...

    1. That Project 333 does sound super neat! I've heard of a similar one where a blogger picked 7 items and for a week she shared the many different outfits she could forage out of those seven items.

      Here is that specific post on donating and giving freely that I wrote, and how doing it really did change my life in many ways.

      We have four cats. :) To be honest, they make my life simpler and remind me of enjoying the small things. We have indoor cats only and they just love it. It will be a nice little experiment when we get our RV and see how they do but they have come to enjoy traveling in the car so I think they will like the RV. :)

    2. Of course, I have just read that post and absolutely love it! :) Just wanted to let you know! :)