Saturday, 24 August 2013

Update on decluttering.

I keep meaning to update on this and by now I probably could have done several updates! Oh well, better late than never:
  • I read through some posts on storage of photos by Minimalist Mom. This turned out to be a blessing and a bit of a curse. Why? Well DP and I have always said we'd not bother so much with paring down digital photo's as we didn't need to worry about computer space. But this didn't seem to be very accurate for minimalism and I needed to reorganise my photo's so I started the long old process of deleting ones that were either duplicates or not interesting. I am definitely still working on this. I have reorganised most of my photo's but am nowhere near finished (& it is definitely worthy of a whole new post!).
  • In terms of hard copies Minimalist Mom mentions that she didn't have many photo albums prior to this activity. Well I love paper crafts so unfortunately I used to do scrap booking/ photo albums along the lines of my mum. I had no intentions of getting rid of them. But I have moved them to our storage room because unless we have a book shelf for them, they will probably stay there for children to look through when they're older. I have got rid of one album that was just a 'slide in' album that I already had copies on the computer of the actual photo's so it doesn't really add anything (I confess I have taken this album out because I am considering doing a nice photo album of it later. But I have put some stipulations on that for myself so we'll see).
  • I have started going through my documents on my laptop but haven't finished this. 
  • I have also spoken to DP and we've/he's bought a back up 'system'. It's still going through both our laptops backing files up! It says it'll take weeks... 
  • I have gone through all my email folders and sorted them/ deleted anything I don't need. So far although the inbox isn't empty, it's below one page which is a far cry from a few years ago when it was about 15 pages in my inbox!
  • I have also gone through a document I keep that had passwords I needed to remember... Including for a car insurance that expired in 2010 for a car I no longer own! 
  • Around the house... I  need to take photo's (which is why I hadn't finished this yet) but we have taken several lots of 'donations' to the local recycling centre including a filing trolley and a shelf set thingy.
  • I am slightly frustrated at the moment because there is more that I would like to sort out but it's things that we may or may not need for Munchkin so as the arrival could be fairly imminent I have put them to one side in one area for now.
  • I have spent several hours scanning A LOT of paperwork after we sorted our filing trolley (it is now 2 lever arch folders!) after a few mishaps.
  • Sippy cups. I don't know if it's the weather here, the dishwasher or if it's IP teething but I think this is now all of her sippy cup teats that are 'broken' so this lot is being binned and we bought... Drum roll please... TWO, yes, just TWO replacements! Andddd in green. Yes I was nervous about agreeing to go to just 2 but we bought this lot when IP was still having at least 3 'milks' a day and water bottles/ cups weren't even a consideration. More on the logic of this a bit later...

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