Friday, 6 September 2013

Food Friday +

Well this isn't going to be a usual Friday food post - ie what we plan to eat next week BUT I have been trying to do a little bit of bulk cooking in preparation for Munchkin's imminent arrival (I'm nearly 34 weeks) and today whilst DP took Firby cat to the vet, with IP to help, I took the opportunity to use some of the bulk bought ingredients up (Auchan recently did a promotion where you could buy things in 'bulk' for less than normal), making a massive chilli con carne with our favourite recipe. IP LOVED this particular meal on Thursday when DP made rice & reheated the chilli (I fell asleep!) so I feel it's a good thing for us to have in the freezer as a back up...

This is actually me making 'fish pie' the other day. DP has next Friday off for something else so I am hoping that during the week and on Friday I can make a pasta bake & another fish pie to freeze...

IP, DP & Firby 'bonding'... Ok maybe not but Firby is very good at letting IP be silly & in turn she seems to love him & understand if we say 'no' we mean it. So I tried to make a boat & made a hat instead that went on her, DP & me, then finally on Firby... :)

More bonding after dinner during the week. Firby's vets appointment today wasn't very nice for him. 'We' thought he had a rare disease but he's now being tested for diabetes :( I am not looking forward to the coming weeks when we'll have to start checking his blood to determine whether he does or not :( And the prospect that Munchkin is due to arrive in the near future as well... Yes I think any preparations we can make now are a VERY good idea! ;)

And last but not least, I am gutted that we didn't make it back to the UK today for my cousin's wedding, but hope all goes well and wish Kelly & Matt all the very best for tomorrow & of course the future! :) 

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