Thursday, 12 September 2013

House keeping :)

What a day. I will cover more in another post shortly but briefly before I forget, I haven't as yet mentioned that this 'round' of Project 333 is coming to an end and it'll be time to restart on 1st October. I hope to continue but have learnt some things from this particular 'round' - here in Luxembourg at the start of this month it was VERY warm and humid for me being about 8 months pregnant but suddenly this week it is now much cooler and has rained. Not as many of my maternity clothes fit which is a bit of an issue but more importantly, having thought we were being good and taking IP to creche in tights (dug out from storage!) on Wednesday, they still put her in a baby gro' for extra warmth! So next year (assuming I'm still doing this!) I must make sure I remember to keep 1 or 2 warmer items out for her. If nothing else it's hard with IP because she's so unusual in shape:

She wears the equivalent of 12 month old clothes in the UK but is over 2 years old and is potty trained so finding knickers that fitted was a challenge. And certainly when she was small she didn't like extra layers (she scared me the only time I did it by going limp and sluggish, refusing her bottle. I took a layer off & suddenly she perked up!)

So if you need a reminder or are curious as to what I do clothing wise, I wrote about it in these posts.

And the additional parts of house keeping: 
I hope that today's behaviour has been that IP is getting her molar teeth in. It has been a long day! Mind you, last night wasn't so great and when I went to collect her from creche yesterday, one look at her face said it hadn't been good... 

Oh yes and I had planned to do some cooking yesterday and today but IP informed me she didn't want to today (and I was missing an ingredient and exhausted yesterday) so I'm not sure what will happen in terms of food...

We have a busy day tomorrow - DP and I have an appointment that signifies it's getting closer to the arrival of Munchkin and then in the afternoon Firby hasn't been so well so we have to take him to the vet again. At the moment finding 'time' to write posts hasn't been too hard but if suddenly the style changes it's because time has gone! ;)

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