Saturday, 7 September 2013

Introducing a toddler to a baby sibling ~ Part 2

Ages ago, probably at the start of my pregnancy, I had an unexpected facebook chat with an ex work colleague about introducing IP to Munchkin. She gave me some tips. Here's the ones I can remember:
  • Ensure when visitors come to meet the baby that IP introduces them.
  • Let IP choose a doll for herself.
  • Take her to as many appointments as possible, such as scans.
  • Then other people had mentioned making a box of activities, as I covered in this post
  • Lastly, I happened to notice an idea on another blog:
I had already thought I'd like to let her choose her own doll and we wanted to get some sort of 'matching' outfits for their going home day - not easy when you don't know the gender of your new baby (we were going to let IP choose but then realised it was nigh on impossible)! So when I read this blog idea of making a bag of 'presents' including a tshirt for IP I mentioned it to DP. Particularly as he'd already made her a baby gro' that had our first scan of Munchkin & 'I'm going to be a big sister' (in English & French for creche I might add!) so I knew he could do it and would probably like to:

Grandad Bill & IP way back in March when we 'announced' it all...

*25/9/13 Just added: I have finally just got round to digging out the tops and taking a photo! :)

So we now have a bag for IP (not personalised because I already had it), a tshirt for IP & a baby gro' for Munchkin (DP has yet to sort the personalisation out, we've just printed some wording and got IP to 'colour' it in). We happened to discover an amazing range of dolls in a shop so after a long day (first attempt involved IP crying. We returned after she'd had a nap & second attempt was much better) she chose this doll:

She hasn't questioned where it's gone, thankfully, so I've been able to just wrap it up. DP has also bought her a toddler camera because we all love taking photo's and she's rapidly catching on so we thought having her own camera to take photo's of her family would be good. And then I had bought a bead threading set that I have just wrapped up, for her to play with in hospital if she wants.

I will of course, be updating when Munchkin actually arrives on how IP deals with it then. In the mean time though, we have been recommended to keep things as 'normal' as possible so aside from me making an effort to go swimming I haven't changed anything. We've mentioned it a lot to her and suggested things she could do. 

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