Monday, 2 September 2013

Quote of the weekend:

Thought I'd share last night's input from DP ~ his favourite "quote of the weekend":

We were walking round a 'gardening' shop y'day that had a pet section & the whole shop is silent...


I tend to go through phases of finding a tv programme and recording it and then putting it on occassionally for IP - first it was Little Einsteins, then it was ZingZilla's. Now we have Peter Rabbit, Doc McStuffin's & Dora recorded. Oh & different Bedtime Stories. Oh and they start repeating so the Peter Rabbit is repeats.

IP will point at the tv and say 'Rabbit'.

We were walking round this shop & she saw the rabbits whilst with DP and shouted very loudly to me...

Found on google images.
What I also appreciated about DP telling me this (I'd forgotten) was that he's the one that makes an effort to ask IP at the end of the day/weekend what she's enjoyed the most (on Wednesday she told me 'cutting' - cutting out salt dough shapes! ;)) and I'd noticed we had a packet of chocolate chip cookies in the cupboard so asked IP if she would like hot chocolate (room temp for her) and cookies with Mamma & Dadda before bed. She was sooooo excited! She said 'wowwwww' immediately, carried on eating her pear and then had 2 bites of her cookie before saying it was for Mamma! :)

So I think this weekend has been all about 'the little things' ~ I didn't sleep very well and had a thumping headache as a result so it was good to get a few bits done but nice in particular to appreciate my daughter enjoying little things & husband/ her father enjoying similar little things...

What we have achieved 'otherwise' though:

DP has updated our finances & moved them onto a new budget system. We're having some teething problems but it's good to at least try.

We have bought a few things but I feel good about what we bought: I wanted a scrubbing brush or something so bought a wood & metal cheapest scrubbing brush. I found some reasonable maternity jeans - I had one size that were too small and the next size were too big and I only had 'shorts' and summer trousers so at least these jeans were in the sale and will last me the remaining few months (due mid October).

DP took IP out to the fair today so that I could either get some rest or do whatever. I don't like staying at home but I couldn't have managed going as well and it was a case of 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' so...
Anyway, I finished some craft bits and pieces, we got IP to finish some bits & I finally got round to using my hair dye up! So I will take a photo of all these things.

I am now winding down a lot more physically for the end of pregnancy ~ with IP I didn't make it this far in gestation and I have just realised that I am definitely feeling the difference physically! I have, however, pre planned some posts, though they are likely to be quite trivial, to publish when I've actually had Munchkin. I keep meaning to sit and write up the posts I've had ideas on so when I get to this stage of physically finding it harder, I can just set them up to publish but I haven't done it yet, so fingers crossed this week sometime! :)

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