Monday, 16 September 2013

The achievements of the day.

When writing a post about what we'd done to prepare IP for becoming a big sister, I happened to stumble across another post on 1 blog. I made a note of it to reread later.

It's actually taken from another blog that has taken it from somewhere else so it's travelled a bit and I am also not at all religious and some of the posts are but I hope to review it when I have some more energy and try to come up with a list of questions. 

In fact, it brings me on to another topic or blog. I was sad when Kelly announced she couldn't continue with this blog because, if I exclude the religious parts, I love the idea of it. I feel the minimalism that I have found and am striving to achieve at the moment is kind of like living 'intentionally' without the religion of Kelly's goal or blog.

I have spoken to a friend here about some ideas I've had for the future and she was positive so I am hopeful. The only thing stopping me from trying immediately is the imminent arrival of a small baby! ;) I have decided to put a deadline on the challenges, goals and ideas that I want to start on, of early 2014. I would say January but as I don't know how crazy busy we'll be, I'll say early 2014 ;) I will cover this more later, though...

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