Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Up for discussion?

I have literally just seen this post and found it fascinating. If you look at the blog, there's a new post above it that's the same but with different pictures. Anyway, I happened to see this on facebook and it really made me think. I'm curious what others think of this post, the subject and for me, the response?

The readers response (400+) is a mixture of 'yey mom good job', 'nice point but double standards' and some very lengthy 'you're awful and have total double standards'. The writer actually says she's shocked at the response because she normally gets about 20, including family members. Whilst I do feel she's been a bit naive & guilty of double standards, I know I am totally at fault for this so that doesn't worry me too much.

Now I don't have masses of time right now & hadn't planned to 'cover' this topic in great detail but I've just typed into google images 'lady beach' etc to look for an appropriate photo to go on this post and I don't think I should post any of them! Which makes me think even more so this is interesting.

I am interested in what you all think? Is there too much thought going on? Too little thought going on regarding young girls posing provocatively? Do you care? And if you don't, are you a parent? Does that make any difference? Does it make any difference whereabouts you are in the world?

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