Monday, 14 October 2013

Boy, what a week!

I'm sure most of you know but for those that don't, we introduced munchkin to our family last Sunday. 

And Boy do we know!

It turns out, 'boy' is not the operative word! Munchkin is a girl, arriving 2 weeks early by medical standards, on lux Father's Day.

I personally have had a hell of a week. All 3 of us - Ip, Dp & I - are physically & mentally exhausted. I will explain more later but I desperately wanted to breast feed as I didn't with ip... And it's been a bit crazy - here the rules are very different and what I thought would be fantastic, really wasn't. (Just to clarify, newborns & breast feeding are very hard work but considering issues with ip at birth, there isn't anything else...)

So we're home now. I am attempting to ensure ip gets some form of routine back as she has a cough so isn't sleeping through amongst other things. 

And I will update properly on here when I'm less exhausted - I don't know right now when that will be but I certainly can't continue for much longer like this, so... I do have some more random posts that I'd saved and whilst I was thinking they're random, right now they are probably how I sound! ;)

So what I hope to update you on: 
Today I hope to encapsulate my placenta. Yep I know, I'm mental! 
Why fast labours are not cool. I had no pain relief this time at all. I find them stressful. A quote recently: 'I hate you just a little bit right now for 'there's no time for paracetamol is there?!'' & Dp 'you're doing really well' me' well it's tough if I'm not isn't it!'... 
My current major challenges with breast feeding & the Luxembourg healthcare system!?
What I wish I'd done differently. A friend did say she didn't have everything ready but as a control freak, despite all my prep, I still could have done more. 

But right now, I need to attend to my family, get ip back into a routine & try to catch up on some sleep... Somewhere. Not sure where with a newborn only sleeping a few hours at a time & we never know when, but still... Oh & I need to do some thinking & make some decisions... For another post I think!


  1. What on earth did the hospital say when you told them you were taking your placenta home? Even more respect now lady!! I hope you can rest and catch up on sleep now that you are home - and that the breastfeeding experience will be easier. There are various breastfeeding support organisations/groups in Lux. its just finding them. If you need any contacts, just let me know. I am so impressed with how you stood up for YOUR right to feed YOUR baby as you see best. Big hug xxxx

    1. If I don't include an answer to this when I write the post, remind me cos it was all very interesting! But actually I have to say, considering how friends said the hospital wouldn't let me, it actually wasn't as hard as you might think!
      Thank you, tho I do feel bad that I haven't continued but the midwife today did say I obviously made the right decision for our family which was good, I'm still doing a bit so hopefully it'll be eno (antibodies etc) & I do have a bit of a temper & get VERY mama bear when it comes to something that is obviously wrong so when I had trouble when pregnant with IP it's one of the few things I like about it - I actually suddenly learn to stand up for myself/ children! :)
      Anyway, that's for another post! ;) X