Friday, 18 October 2013

Food Friday

Well I am writing this knowing it won't be posted for several weeks but I felt a need to today... I am writing this on 3rd October and today IP and I made Jamie Oliver's 'baked camembert pasta' & vegan black bean brownies...

We had been struggling to get IP to eat much recently and having made this dish tonight and waiting impatiently for DP to return home from work, I decided to dish a bit up a bit earlier and she wolfed it down! As per my brownie post, I had altered the recipe a tad, but everyone seemed to enjoy it which was the important thing!

I will post another day about a dilemna on this subject (whether IP should eat at a different time to us) but for now click here for the Jamie Oliver baked camembert pasta recipe - I have made it before but I'm not sure if IP was born and she certainly wasn't weaned if she was born. Anyway it's meant for 4-6 people and we ate it between us and then I felt very full up and sickly. Well tonight I could probably have eaten half of the recipe easily! :/

Oh and I said I changed bits: nothing major, I just hate spinach so put some frozen peas in and we didn't have 100g of parmesan so I just added what we did have. I will probably buy and add some more later...

I  have just checked and I sadly don't have any photo's of our attempts but here's some from google images to give you an idea of how yummy it looks:

Oh yes and I also overdid the olive oil a bit and used garlic puree which exploded a tad! But it still worked out nicely! :) My daughter may be a cheese fiend but at least she eats exciting and stronger cheese! ;)

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