Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Goal Setting

I have felt this past week or 2 like I have been neglecting posts. This has been due to a huge number of reasons, mostly that I am now heavily pregnant but also because there's quite a bit going on! Today (I should add, I don't always post the same day I write) IP is at creche ALL day so I sat down this morning (well, just about still morning) and decided I was going to write posts because otherwise it wouldn't happen. I've been getting lots of ideas for posts and making notes of them, I just hadn't had the inclination to actually write them...

You will be pleased to hear that I am completely normal as a mother and therefore this didn't go according to plan... Firstly everything takes twice as long when you're heavily pregnant so I didn't have everything 'done' house wise and sat down with  my list and a nice cup of coffee at 9am. Like I said, I think it was just about still morning when I finally sat down. But I had achieved a few things off the list already so that was a relief. And it's now 6pm and I've just kinda reversed what I intended to do...

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So I am now finally writing the post I had intended to implement and write this morning!

I read various blog posts that lead to another post and then another post during the week, to get ideas. And this was one of them. I actually googled something about toys. And that came about because I decided to sort our clothes for Project 333 and it reminded me of other things (a post to follow). But as often happens, I got distracted and ended up reading a post on how to get more done each day... Which led me to another post/ blog (that's in the link above).

So today was the day I was going to sit and check my to do list, follow it, write up my goals and write the posts I keep meaning to on all of it! Funnily enough, it hasn't happened! Buttttt interestingly, the way the above blog writers schedule their priorities, is to divide their goals into different sections (for example, home organisation, project completion, doing something for someone else and focusing on each child). And when I looked at my list of to do's and what I wanted to achieve in terms of goals, a lot of my to do's came under 1 goal heading so it's no wonder I don't achieve the other stuff!?

Then in the above posts one writer divides her goals up weekly, the other was saying she had been doing hers monthly. Admittedly neither of them are in my situation but I struggled, I mean there's a week to go until the end of September and then in October I'm due with baby number 2 so am fully expecting everything to go out the window! I think I might just revisit this...

So, how do you decide your goals and how long it will take to complete them?

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