Monday, 4 November 2013


1/30. List 20 random facts about yourself.
1. I started at my local Brownie unit when I was 7 years old and have been involved in Guiding, particularly to make new friends in a new area… IP came to Rainbows with me until recently.
2. IP is named after ‘Royal Bra’ as my husband’s ex colleague said. Ironic as it’s a bra brand I wear and I have always wanted to call my daughter Catherine growing up but never thought it would happen! Nothing to do with the Duchess of Cambridge! ;)
3. When I was younger we lived in the middle of nowhere and I was a massive bookworm as a result. We had one trip to the library a week and that was about it. These days I’ve struggled to find time to read. Hopefully that’ll change soon!
4. I have been with my husband for 10 years, this last January but we only got married in July 2010.
5. I was born on 18/11/83 at 8:08am. I guess 8 is a good number for me!?
6. I am trying to cut down my tv addiction…
7. Je suis fille unique – I am an only child. So it’s a bit mental for me that my husband is the oldest of 4 children!
8. Growing up I desperately wanted to act as a copper in ‘The Bill’. Then they axed The Bill and I decided being a Police Officer was good. Then I made it to PCSO but then we moved to Luxembourg so that dream will have to wait. 
9. One of the only things I can honestly say I know I am better than my husband at is swimming. I’m competitive! ;) I loved swimming and did a few ‘badges’. So when my daughter was born I was determined she’d start swimming lessons as soon as possible. I’ve interviewed and considered working for the same company as a swimming instructor.
10. I don’t drink enough water and really need to improve at it. I never have drunk enough water…
11. I am trying to be minimalist but I have a feeling cute baby clothes will be hard, as we have a lot of baby girl clothing!
12. I wanted to go double barrelled in surname when I got married. But then I decided to go with my husband’s surname as it cost more and was harder to go double barrelled. I used my maiden name at work (for security). I used an alias on facebook. And then we moved to Luxembourg and here they all use maiden names. So I like it!
13. I must be one of the few people who genuinely really just isn’t that fussed with music. I listened to it when I was at school but now I just don’t think about it…
14. I was raised to try a bit of everything food wise. (I wrote these a while ago)
15. We don’t know what gender Munchkin is but we have plenty of girl’s names… And are struggling with boys! ;/
16. I am trying to wean myself off certain media ;)
17. I have never understood the attraction or addiction of pinterest. I’m kinda hoping to keep it that way as there was a time I felt that way about facebook…
18. I cannot cook. I literally only started cooking regularly because I was at home when our daughter turned 6 months. Now I do Monday – Thursday, DP does Friday – Sunday because he actually enjoys cooking.
19. When I say I can’t cook: I have burnt pasta!

20. I wish I had a darker, Mediterranean look. I’ve got brown hair and eyes but not the med look, sadly :/

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