Sunday, 24 November 2013

Breaking News...

How would you define 'sleeping through the night'? Well, I have recently discovered the medical definition is 5 hours (I couldn't find anything specific more than this link). A baby sleeping through 5 hours straight (so it could be 7pm to midnight, or midnight to 5am etc) is classed as 'sleeping through'. So I was excited when 'the baby' slept through 5 hours solid two nights running! 

I am curious to see if she continues. Last night she finally fell asleep at 2am (THANK YOU DP!) but IP woke at 6:30am so we sadly didn't get the full benefit :( However it was fantastic that she managed that 5 hours because I realised today that up until now she's not settled at all and is 7 weeks old now! So for me that's 7 long weeks of exhaustion, the first week I think I got about 5 hours sleep in total, 3 of those hours probably the first night when nurses insisted they look after her so I could sleep... The second week wasn't much better, aside from DP being home. 

The third week we were told to supplement with formula and whilst I'm incredibly sad to have given up breastfeeding, I was in hospital all day last Friday with stomach cramps so the thought of breast feeding wasn't nice (we just about got through the day but it wasn't pleasant) and the next thing I knew I hadn't breast fed her for a few days. I will cover the whole situation in later posts but right now this moment I'm ok with it (yes, just ok) and most importantly, I want my sleep back and this is one way to get it (no I am not leaving her to cry, sleep training or anything else & yes technically I'm sure certain people I 'know' would say I've been selfish in not trying harder with the breast feeding, but other people have said 'happy mum = happy baby' and this mum was certainly not happy and neither was baby)! 

So we HOPE but we'll see, that this could be the start of something good! A beautiful family lol! ;P So I just wanted to share this very short post because I have been making notes when I've thought of things, it's just this time of year is always mega busy for me/ us in general so to have no sleep to survive on and a newborn to cope with... I may be writing Christmas posts in January at this rate, lol! ;)

^ this was taken a few weeks back!


  1. Oh my goodness, how precious is that last photo! <3

    1. I get told off for taking and posting pics of DP whilst he's asleep like this, otherwise lots of them would make it on here! ;) For some reason both girls as babies like sleeping on his shoulder like this! :)