Thursday, 9 January 2014

Announcing Toddler Thursday!

I realised at the start of the new year that I already have less than a year before IP starts at the Luxembourg equivalent of preschool, called Precoce. When I realised this I started a mild panic, as at the time she'd had 2 full weeks almost, at creche just before Christmas and I was just beginning to feel things might be getting on track with ZC but I wanted to make the most of the 9 months approximately that I have with IP before she goes to Precoce - they start the September after their 3rd birthday and we hope that she'll be able to cope with virtually full time hours (and if she can't then she'll be napping a lot when she's home so I still won't have time with her).

Particularly in the last week I have come to realise what a well behaved and lovely little girl she is.

Then whilst she was playing with DP over Christmas I had an idea...

'Toddler Thursday

I am going to try to do at least 1 activity with just her every Thursday. I have asked creche if ZC can go from 6 months old (which will be from March time), so she can go on a Thursday for me to have the time with IP (& she already appears more sociable so I think she'll appreciate it anyway). Coincidentally (and I am sure it was a coincidence as DP was away on Tuesday this week and she's seemed more tired than usual so I think her routine played a big part) she woke up this morning and asked first DP if he could play then when he said no he had to get ready she asked him if I could play with her. He said yes later and then when she came running in I said about today's activity...

I have various activities in mind and most importantly I thought I'd try to blog about them to give myself the kick to complete them and also to keep some form of 'diary' for later (& of course if anyone needs ideas).

Having said that, I hope that the reason I'm sooo tired today is due to other things - too much sugar from chocolate for one thing because right now I am planning on trying to make not only mine but also both girls bed time earlier! :D (IP was rubbing her eyes at 7pm - her bed time is normally 7:30 & Dadda was due home 7:20 and as ZC had 'jabs' yesterday she's slept wayyy more than normal anyway).

This does mean however that until ZC becomes more stable & potentially independent I am going to try to give myself a break from 'stressing' about stuff at home. It's going to be hard (I know that contradicts itself) because I am a natural stress head and worry about everything but I realised this week that I will never get this time back with IP whereas I can do bits at home as and when and worry about it properly later. I tried to have a rest when both girls were napping today and was thinking of some more 'radical minimalism' in our bedroom (we have a chair that I realised we don't really use but there's nowhere else I can really put it and that set a whole chain of thoughts off) so I doubt I'll be able to literally not stress over stuff but I do hope to not pile on the pressure of 'it must be done NOW' at least for a while.

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