Thursday, 30 January 2014


Yesterday's post edited for today. Once again the week or weeks have flown by and suddenly I haven't done Toddler Thursday, Food Friday, Silent Sunday or much of any other posts that I had intended for ages... I have them in my head I just haven't been able to put them down on here...

I have listed more items on Ebay and responded to posts on Facebook selling items so fingers crossed (I have joined 3 groups with the sole purpose of selling some things and then leaving) things will start to improve soon. ZC is also in a better routine thankfully. Well, she's actually in a routine! ;)

I have been concentrating on Toddler Thursday with IP today and DP has kept me on track with it (he asked me and her this morning what we were doing).

I previously intended to consider starting planning, advertising, researching, etc, both the potential of starting a small business from home - Quinton Crafts (making amongst other things, nappy cakes) - and I had thought about volunteering options. Welllll decluttering has stalled a bit at the moment and I haven't changed how I view things enough. I am still looking at things thinking 'I spent money on that so maybe I can reuse it for x'. Even DP said the other day 'why not just bin it'.

I sorted through my craft cupboard a few weeks back and at the time thought 'Am I really going to get round to doing x y or z' and now I'm sat here thinking it's very unlikely. I/we (DP & I) had always said that I would look at the possibility of getting a job or focusing on starting a business when both our children are at school ('full time'). IP is due to start 'Precoce' (preschool) in September but I will still have a 1 year old ZC... So I suspect I have at least 3 years before both children are not at home 'all day, every day' (using the phrase loosely, we're rarely at home all day every day).

I had planned to do this in a different post but this is my 'after' sorted craft cupboard... The 2 top boxes are 'Xmas' projects and sewing, that was when I thought am I actually going to use this stuff? The other box is nappy cake items, the caddy is stuff to do with IP on 'Toddler Thursday'. The drawers are nearly empty and the box has 'supplies' in it. Well that's the other thing I did recently, went through our present drawer and I have masses of wrapping paper but also masses of present bags... So I am hoping to really think about things, like do I know what I plan to buy for presents in the near future and if I do, how will it be wrapped? 

The stupid thing is, I literally got rid of a big pile of things a while back and the next day replaced it with more - that is utterly ridiculous! So what am I going to do about it?

  • I am going to go through my 'craft' cupboard again and get realistic (this is amongst other areas).
  • Mentioned yesterday: I am going to schedule in time to write blog posts as I do miss it. (not entirely sure how this is going to work as I have Krav Maga on a Thursday night and it finishes at 9:30pm so the chances of me writing a post afterwards... I guess I'll have to be mega organised?! ;))
  • I am going to put everything down at 10pm and start heading to bed, so that I may actually stand a chance of getting to bed at a decent hour...
  • We're also planning a major 'sort out' of all our stuff. We can't get into our storage room ('cave') at the moment which for the size of this apartment is ridiculous. So DP is going to help me by bringing boxes up and then I can sort through them... I hope to make a good start before then but we'll see.
  • And unless something is virtually brand new I'm not going to worry about selling it. I have enough items that are brand new to sell on ebay/ facebook without worrying about things that have been half used! So my welly boots I've worn on 3 holidays are going to be recycled but the nearly brand new Dr Brown electric steriliser is going to be sold... When, annoyingly, I can get onto ebay! :/ (I was writing this yesterday and trying to log on and it wouldn't let me. It has now :))

I am also pleased that virtually all my 'orders' have arrived so I'm feeling a lot better in terms of what I wear, my protective gear for Krav Maga has arrived so I don't have to keep saying I haven't got it on (I get disapproving looks, it's dangerous if I forget to say and I already have to ask to speak English) and we all slept pretty well last night. I of course put this down to myself and ZC wearing green amber but it's probably nothing to do with that...
(The lady in this picture I think is the assistant class 'leader')

So I am feeling reasonably good but there's still a long way to go and I haven't forgotten about my blog, it's just my daughters, home and life takes priority. But I do miss writing so really hope to 'get to it' sometime very soon! :)

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