Friday, 10 January 2014

Toddler Thursday & Food Friday combined.

I know, I'm cheating a little by combining them. But ZC had vaccines on Wednesday and didn't sleep very well Thursday evening which means that DP & I are still trying to catch up and my new bedtime of 10pm... Well I've not written this post yet and it's 10pm! (And we're half way through an episode of 'Strike Back' on tv, despite my resolution last year not to watch so much tv) so forgive me for cheating a little.

My activity with IP for today was cooking her tea - 'Toddler Tea' as we call it - so that's why it counts as Food Friday as well. 

And the recipe was 'Spaghetti Pesto Nests' taken from a book containing finger foods for babies aimed at Baby Led Weaning.

She was supposed to be breaking the spaghetti in half...

Parmesan and pesto

Pesto mixture, includes phili instead of the tofu

Cook the spaghetti, drain then add to the pesto mixture

If you want the full details of the book I do plan to check and add but feel free to message me.

I guess IP got overtired because the spaghetti was going to be her lunch but she threw a wobbly so I suggested a sandwich.

She seemed to enjoy spreading...

But apparently doesn't like carrot...

ZC had a particularly sleepy, not happy day so IP 'comforted' her with a hand.

Spaghetti pesto nests! :)

I also printed off colouring sheets for her...

She seemed to quite like them! ;)

Then eventuallyyyyy after I sat eating tea that she decided she didn't want, she suddenly decided she wanted her own! :D Thank GAWD!


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