Thursday, 16 January 2014

Toddler Thursday Week 2:

Ok this is really annoying... I am exhausted and have already written this once so I apologise if this doesn't make as much sense... :(

I started researching yesterday what I could do for Toddler Thursday as I had already had some ideas but didn't want to 'use them all up' at once... I knew I wanted to use Rainy Day Mum's website as Cerys gave me some great help and hints and her site inspired me to actually create 'The Adventures of Mamma'.

Then this morning came. And IP wanted an activity & I was tired and grumpy... ZC woke me at 4am onwards rather than the usual 5am. :( Soooo I quickly grabbed the Christmas cards. And hunted for IP's new scissors. Couldn't find them so I cut whilst she 'helped' but she seemed to enjoy the sticking as much anyway:

Then I needed a lunch for her and thought we'd try this but with a bit of variation (different cutters):

Lastly we had half a banana left that was 'past it's best' so I decided to try mashing it up and it turned out IP loved that it was like 'baby food':

Then for dinner I was exhausted but we needed to eat so I quickly heated some Uncle Ben's rice in the microwave & persuaded IP to try stuffed tomatoes. She wasn't thrilled but I got some dinner into her:

This was my dinner:

Lastly credit where it's due: I was chuffed to pieces that DP actually remembered 'Toddler Thursday' when he rang this evening... (He's gone out after work) :D 

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