Friday, 7 February 2014


*This is just my recollection of my day and should not replace a medical consultation in any way if you have any concerns.*

It started off that I had an appointment at 8:30am at the hospital to have something in my heart checked. An hour and a half later, I wasn't allowed to drive for the day so it's just as well my husband had driven us in and come in with me (I was told it's about 10 minutes which the actual procedure is but the whole appointment was not and more importantly I had anaesthetic and couldn't eat afterwards).

Soooo I found out I have "BAV" which is a congenital heart defect. How did I find out I had this? I had to get a medical certificate for insurance to do Krav Maga and in the process the doctor discovered a heart murmur... I was referred to a cardiologist whilst being signed off to do Krav Maga and he couldn't find my left valve so arranged an appointment today for a "TEE". I'll be honest, the procedure itself is not much fun... However I have to say a big thumbs up to the wonderful staff at Zitha Klinik who quietly reassured me and were polite, friendly and professional the whole time. A nurse made a balloon for IP and spoke to DP about a theme park whilst I recovered from the anaesthetic. I was a little nervous about not gagging initially but I ended up being anaesthetised so it didn't even come up and I think two nurses actually ended up holding my hands during the procedure. I didn't ask them to but it was a surprisingly comforting gesture at the time! Then the Cardiologist came to explain what he'd discovered and what it means...

So what does having a Congenital Heart Defect mean for me? Well in my case I may find some physical activity harder work than other people. And if I have any procedures or operations involving my blood, essentially, then I have to tell the person first and have to take antibiotics. In a nutshell that is it. What it means for my family? Well it is hereditary so we are going to ask if and how we can get our daughters checked because part of the reason for having the procedure done today I think was the Cardiologist couldn't 'see through breast tissue' essentially so if they can check early on it would be preferable. Also both daughters can be monitored...

And that is literally it at the moment.

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