Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Well this morning and yesterday I was feeling quite... Wistful I suppose? I hate to say it but sad that I realised that life as I knew it, 'easy' days of catching the bus when we felt like it to Kirchberg, F in the baby carrier, to meet Daddy from work either for an appointment or something, were gone. But the biggest phrase I hear is 'this phase too shall pass' which I am holding onto. And I had to remind myself today and yesterday at the same times that we/I am actually incredibly lucky to have 2 daughters who sleep reasonably well. R may want Z to sleep past 5am on her own but that she sleeps the rest of the time & that she naps during the day when necessary, I think we've got her pretty good!

I guess you could say, we've settled into a sort of routine. And I have found in the past that when I get settled after about a month I start to feel bored and want to shake things up a bit but also often don't have the energy (especially with a young baby!) to do so...

And in terms of my home, whilst there's still a long way to go (the pile of containers by the front door shows that!) I am beginning to feel more at peace. Instead of just moving things around to try to make life easier, I have started questioning if things are needed... And I think R is realising/coming round to this as well. He's kicked up a fuss twice but then quickly calms down and doesn't say anything more...

* PS I haven't forgotten that I promised more posts from last week or many Toddler Thursdays. I have been doing the activities/ thinking the post but haven't had a chance to write them yet! :)

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