Wednesday, 26 February 2014


It has taken me a longggg time to figure out something that vaguely works with my hair. It's not brilliant but it does the job. And that's what I currently need!

Soooo I've looked like this:

I have now had my hair cut as I have grown my fringe out. My plan is to keep growing it out because I prefer it tied back. When it gets into my face it annoys me. And when it's grown long enough I hope to donate it. I have recently done a side plait to make it a bit more interesting and keep stray fringe out of my face. I learnt a while back how to do a 2 strand plait and I sometimes do a french plait at the front. But that is literally it at the moment. I have kept my hair straighteners (both pairs) but could probably get rid of the thin pair. I currently own:

1 hair brush
1 wide toothed comb
1 narrow 'tail' comb
some hair bands and clips - I reduced these down but still have more than 1
hair 'spray'
1 hair dryer in storage
1 travel hair dryer
1 travel hair straightener
1 thin & 1 wide hair straightener

I am considering getting rid of the thin hair straightener and the travel ones. 

I have got rid of all the other random hair 'bull dog clips' and some hair slides.

So no, my hair style is probably not the most flattering lovely style right now. But it is practical and good enough...

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