Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Make Up

When we moved to Luxembourg I was immediately struck by how 'cared for' I thought most ladies here looked. For a long time I didn't see anyone in tracksuit bottoms or trainers and people in general even if they weren't well off, seemed to wear nicer clothes. So I made a promise I would always wear my basic make up when I went out... Well that did not last, I have gone out wearing no make up more often than I'd like, I've had colds and felt rough so probably looked as rough as I felt on more occasions than I care to remember and as for when Z was born, well my closest friends here have seen me and more of me than they probably should have (I was trying to breastfeed in hospital, ok!? ;))
Anyhow, that's completely off the topic. I now have 2 daughters under the age of 3 years old so I'm at the 'lucky to have time to brush my teeth' stage - I never in a million years would have thought 2 young children would be so demanding but they are. Soooo I have very little time to spare on my appearance. And because one of those children is a baby, I'm also back at the age of walking out the house and THEN discovering I have baby sick down me... 

Unfortunately this make up routine would not have worked for me when I was younger and wished for such a make up routine, mostly because my skin type has changed a bit, as well as the money I can spend on such things (and how I want to look). But it works for me now:

If I feel like it I wear Estee Lauder daywear tinted moisturiser. I say if I feel like it because I have combination skin but as I've got older it does border on dry, even on my t-zone. So whereas when I was much younger I wouldn't have dreamt of wearing a moisturiser, because I had such oily skin, now I sometimes need it. It also has SPF in it which I wouldn't bother with otherwise ;)

Then I wear Benefit Bad Girl eye liner and Benefit Bad Gal waterproof mascara - the latter HAS to be waterproof. A friend likes Benefit, as does my godsister so I thought I'd check them out a while back. I should also add, these products are not cheap but I literally don't wear any other make up regularly, and I don't even wear this stuff every day so I asked my husband (as I officially don't earn any money :( - but that's also another story) and he was ok with me spending a bit more but only on a limited amount of products. And then I wear Nivea Pearlised lip balm. I hate most lip sticks as I find my lips get dry and they feel worse with lip sticks. I hate lip gloss because they normally feel sticky. This particular lip balm is the only thing that feels nice and I think looks ok. It would be better if it stayed on longer but I'm really not too fussed and can live with it. Also when my daughter wanted to wear my make up, we felt ok letting her have a slick of lip balm! Plus compared to the other products it's not too expensive that her having a slick of lip balm is an issue. Whereas if she poured my moisturiser everywhere I'd be pretty cross! (and yes, she has asked to wear the other stuff and I just told her no).

I have also discovered since moving here an added bonus that I didn't know at the time, it's easy to buy anywhere. They have a shop called 'Sephora' here that we get vouchers off fairly regularly so I can either ask for some more at Christmas or use a voucher. The lip balm is available in my local supermarket.

Special Occasions:

You may be thinking 'what does she do on special occasions'?

Well, it all depends what the occasion is. I never ever thought I'd say this but more often than not, I still use the same eye liner and mascara, just a bit more of it and a bit more accurately. Oh I also have an eyebrow brush, tweezers (nothing special, just bought at the local supermarket) and a Body Shop eyeliner sharpener. So for special occasions firstly I try to ensure that my eyebrows have no stray hairs, etc.

Then if it's say, a girl's night out here, I'll probably just use more eye liner (on my upper lids for example, rather than my normal inside rim of my eyes for speed). I also have a couple of liquid eye liners (I think I may just have 1 in black now) so tend to use that... And lastly I have kept a Body Shop 'cube' of eye shadows and an eye shadow brush. That being said, I haven't had a 'special' occasion since I was pregnant with Z - I was supposed to go to my cousin's wedding but was heavily pregnant so we didn't risk it (long story). So I hope to find out for definite and suspect I'll cut more of my make up down at that point (I have a wedding later this year to attend if nothing else comes up). I think it also depends on what you consider a 'special occasion' because thinking about it, I used to wear my best clothes to my family's Christmas party every year. Now I make sure my daughter's are wearing their best clothes instead. The last week or so I have been more conscious though, of ensuring that I at least look 'neat and tidy' in case I bump into someone I want to look respectable in front of... (I think that's because and following last week's Toddler Thursday)

I am interested in what others use and how long they spend? :) I know one friend who very rarely wears make up, for example. Another friend wears certain make up every day. I feel content with my 'routine' as it works for me at the moment but that doesn't meant to say I couldn't change or improve parts of it... And I know professionals would probably make other or different suggestions!

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