Monday, 31 March 2014

Playing catch up...

I haven't done a Food Friday post for ages because I've been making the same meals. Two weeks R had off so he's been cooking which has been awesome. :) I do have a big food post planned but I need to do some prep for it still and then alter bits. I make the same dishes but we've settled into a routine and I'm also hoping to alter the recipes slightly, as I'm hoping to improve my diet a bit. All to come! ;)

Doing Krav Maga twice a week, plus I've had a 'stage' once a month, keeping up with friends (last Saturday I went to a baby shower in the morning and then did 4 hours of Krav Maga in the afternoon!), household chores (like washing - there have been a few times when we've run out of certain clothes!) and generally keeping up with 2 kids under 3 years old...

I have been trying to improve my French, especially as Krav Maga is in French. It's slow progress but I am getting there. I've just arranged for Z to start 3 afternoon's a week at creche so I can have some French lessons again.

R having the week off work meant we've now sorted out the stuff in our cave and I have a few boxes left to sort out in our apartment, photo's again to follow but we are making good progress.

Hopefully I may get round to writing what we actually did this week, though to be honest it was mostly appointments! We have also changed pediatrician's which went really well...

I had to miss Krav Maga on Monday as there was an information night and then we did throws on Thursday... Ouch! :( Definitely need to work on those...

I've come to the conclusion Z definitely does not sleep as much as F did. Whether this is due to our current room set up or whether it's genuine I don't know. We have started to wean her though so will see if that affects anything...

Well once again I've run out of time to write anything else!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Diner @ Waissen Haff avec Resto Days

R & I went out for our first dinner without children last night. There's an event a few times a year here and we finally got to go:

Last to first...

Monday, 17 March 2014


Sadly I can't devote as much time to this post as I'd like at the moment but I want to write about it quickly whilst I can. I read a phrase about a week ago that really stuck with me. Annoyingly I can't remember exactly where I read it and right now don't have the time to search for it but it basically said instead of worrying about buying stuff to 'keep up with the Jones's', live your life to the full so that the Jones's want to keep up with you (if that's what interests you). Then I read over the weekend this post about being emotionally independent and again, it resonated with me.

This week R has off work and we're trying to get things sorted out at home and do activities. We have had some hopefully good news (but I don't want to tempt fate just yet by announcing) that we're also preparing for. I am also going to an information evening tonight about a venture that may be very interesting and fruitful.

So there's plenty of exciting things coming up that I am looking forward to. Yet I really don't find it that easy at all to break free of being envious of friends. Or being emotionally dependent. I have been talking to one friend recently for reassurance. Yet in hindsight, not only should it not be necessary but I really shouldn't care (about the situation I was asking for reassurance with, I care greatly about all my friends).

I will hopefully write more on this post another day but I wanted to share the phrase and the above post as soon as possible because I found them so inspiring...

Friday, 7 March 2014

National Day of Unplugging!

It's National Day of Unplugging, starting Friday 7th at sun set and lasting all day Saturday, this weekend. I first mentioned it in this post and Minimalist Mom is also doing it which is where I first read and heard of the idea. I told R this evening and he asked me what I planned to do instead which says it all really! :/ I plan to turn my mobile off. I haven't quite decided yet if I'm actually going to manage to not watch tv or read a book (which is on my kindle) yet but there is definitely other things I can fill my time with! ;)

In preparation for a craft, I can use a hole puncher...

I've been going through boxes stored in our cave... Oh and that leads me onto some big news coming up. But I have been going through boxes so we don't spend the whole week that R has off work in a few weeks, going through them then. Admittedly I haven't got massively far but a few boxes are sorted out so it's a work in progress!

And lastly, it would be lovely to actually be able to go out a bit! :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

'Other' - accessories etc

Apologies that this post is a bit overdue (written Wednesday 5th).

Ok so I promised a post on 'other' things related to appearance. This post will cover more of the 'unmentionables' so please be warned! ;)

Firstly, I use Wilkinson Sword for ladies products:

I usually have my toenails painted purely because my fingernails take too long and get smudged. However I have recently reduced my nail varnish and nail products 'collection' to a small bags worth.

I am hoping to move to using a 'mooncup' soon.

Otherwise, no I don't have any regular treatments for anything. I have never been the sort of lady that likes having a massage or a pedicure once a month so now I have 2 young daughters I'd rather spend the money on them or something else.

Ohhh and as you may know I have recently started Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art, to keep fit amongst other things. So I keep my wardrobe to a minimum and comfortable, I wear the same accessories etc, daily. I did recently notice looking at a photo of myself that some of my choices and my posture was appalling. So I plan to change my clothing choices a little bit in a few weeks time, when I reimplement Project 333 & today I mentioned to the chiropractor that Z has been seeing and he kindly agreed to review my posture and help.