Monday, 17 March 2014


Sadly I can't devote as much time to this post as I'd like at the moment but I want to write about it quickly whilst I can. I read a phrase about a week ago that really stuck with me. Annoyingly I can't remember exactly where I read it and right now don't have the time to search for it but it basically said instead of worrying about buying stuff to 'keep up with the Jones's', live your life to the full so that the Jones's want to keep up with you (if that's what interests you). Then I read over the weekend this post about being emotionally independent and again, it resonated with me.

This week R has off work and we're trying to get things sorted out at home and do activities. We have had some hopefully good news (but I don't want to tempt fate just yet by announcing) that we're also preparing for. I am also going to an information evening tonight about a venture that may be very interesting and fruitful.

So there's plenty of exciting things coming up that I am looking forward to. Yet I really don't find it that easy at all to break free of being envious of friends. Or being emotionally dependent. I have been talking to one friend recently for reassurance. Yet in hindsight, not only should it not be necessary but I really shouldn't care (about the situation I was asking for reassurance with, I care greatly about all my friends).

I will hopefully write more on this post another day but I wanted to share the phrase and the above post as soon as possible because I found them so inspiring...

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