Wednesday, 5 March 2014

'Other' - accessories etc

Apologies that this post is a bit overdue (written Wednesday 5th).

Ok so I promised a post on 'other' things related to appearance. This post will cover more of the 'unmentionables' so please be warned! ;)

Firstly, I use Wilkinson Sword for ladies products:

I usually have my toenails painted purely because my fingernails take too long and get smudged. However I have recently reduced my nail varnish and nail products 'collection' to a small bags worth.

I am hoping to move to using a 'mooncup' soon.

Otherwise, no I don't have any regular treatments for anything. I have never been the sort of lady that likes having a massage or a pedicure once a month so now I have 2 young daughters I'd rather spend the money on them or something else.

Ohhh and as you may know I have recently started Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art, to keep fit amongst other things. So I keep my wardrobe to a minimum and comfortable, I wear the same accessories etc, daily. I did recently notice looking at a photo of myself that some of my choices and my posture was appalling. So I plan to change my clothing choices a little bit in a few weeks time, when I reimplement Project 333 & today I mentioned to the chiropractor that Z has been seeing and he kindly agreed to review my posture and help.

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