Wednesday, 30 April 2014


8/30. What are 5 passions you have?
Prem/babies, living with less, Police, Krav Maga, making life easier

Monday, 28 April 2014


11/30. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.
Urg I don’t think I can do 10 but I hate it when the toilet seat is left up which is proving hard now we’ve toilet trained F and I hate it when people who don’t live in my house demand to take over. I don’t mind friends who come in and ‘make themselves at home’ or help out (like there’s no seats left at coffee morning so they sit on the floor) but I hate it when people come in and demand to move stuff and tutt or have a go at me if I dare to sit down in my own chair or have my stuff somewhere in ‘their way’.
Whilst away (28/6/13) I realised that I have a massive issue with scaled up shower heads! It’s sooo easy to clean them at least a little bit if not completely descale yet we stayed in a caravan where we couldn’t have a proper shower because of the limescale clogging the shower head up 
*That's all I can think of...

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


5/30. What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?
This has changed since I first wrote this AND I seem to have missed it...

So (not in order!):

My daughters
Krav Maga

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


10/30. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.
Gaaah 10 people!? Ummm:
My mum – things she does I wanna be better at
My dad – um we have the same temperament…
My husband – he teaches me to be the best person I can be and reminds me of what I have already achieved.
My oldest daughter – has come so far already and I am so relieved that she is ok.
My old work – taught me to stand up for myself and other stuff I intend to cover in another post.
Sam – my best friend from school. Too many ways to mention!
Nicola – my new friend, has taught me to parent how I want, relax about life and all sorts.
People from my past – events and incidents from my past have influenced how I think and feel. (I will try to cover more in a post)
Hippy’ friends on facebook – when I had F after a while I found out all sorts of methods I hadn’t heard of and have joined groups on facebook that suggest things I hadn’t thought of. Like making my own household cleaner.
Other friends on facebook – 'American Martha' in particular – have just influenced how I see and do things…

*I wrote that a LONG time ago! ;)

Monday, 14 April 2014


Well I never thought this would be me but: 

1. I didn't eat a chocolate desert on Saturday because it's not good for me and I may drop some on the only white shirt I had!
2. I've been 'stressing' about how many Krav Maga sessions I am going to miss (now worked out that it's not as bad as I thought but there are a few literally the day before or after we go or come back from a holiday) 
3. I have started meeting a lady who also goes, during the holidays, so I can try to maintain some fitness (over Easter we miss 5 sessions with bank holidays, but we did have a 4.5 hour stage on Saturday).

Buttttt having gone to the final Stage (of the year) on Saturday, I am very sore! I have a patch on my head that I must have bruised and then random aches. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Excuses, excuses...

I started writing this a few weeks back intending to write it quickly and post quickly. But as usual things got in the way & before I know it, I haven't finished the post and now I want to add to it...

I realised a few weeks back that I make excuses. I have just started a 'diet' of sorts and blame my husband for late night eating. Or my daughter for daytime treats. Or the weekend and both of them for treats. Or not having the right 'stuff' for another part of it...

So my intention from today is to not make excuses...

I was drinking 'protein' shakes before I had Z, but F at that time was a lot younger and wasn't really interested in what I ate for breakfast - or rather what I didn't eat. Now she wants what I have and if I don't eat seems less interested. That said, it is an excuse.

A few months back Apo Day appeared in pharmacies in Luxembourg. So I thought I'd try it. Please note, I am not an advocat of diet drinks of this nature! But. I need something quick and easy that lasts. So not fruit or smoothies. Fruit goes off and smoothies take time to blend. With this I just chuck a scoop of powder into a glass (or shaker) along with milk. I know that may seem weird to some people and friends have said 'well just make a smoothie' but believe me, I just don't. Then I get hungry or worse grumpy, because I've not eaten. This way it's easy to drink, when F decides she wants a milkshake I can just make her a normal 'shake and not worry too much.

The issue I have is that with this particular 'plan' you replace 2 meals during the first week and I discovered that any weight I lose during the week, I then regain at weekends when I decide to have a treat because we're out and about. So enough of the excuses: 'oh R eats late at night so it's too tempting', 'oh F's been really good so we let her have an ice cream, then we joined her'. Enough, already.

A friend recently also mentioned that she threw out her scales. I have to say I don't worry too much about what I weigh because it can change so drastically I stopped worrying too much. Depending on the time of the month or what I've eaten, it's too much. But it was really nice to weigh myself lately and finally this morning the scales were looking better and I didn't look in the mirror and think 'urgh'.

Krav Maga is my personal best work out. It combines everything I need: embarrassment factor - if I'm rubbish at something I feel embarrassed and work harder. If I go out running on my own (like my husband) I just wouldn't do that. It is for me, an intense work out. And given that there's a lot of grown men that are incredibly physically fit in that room that are all sweating at the end of it, I am guessing it's a good work out for everyone! I have done every 'Stage' since I started and have recently started signing up for the 'summer camp' that's 4 days. However, I still have a LOT of time when Krav Maga's not on for holidays, I'm on holiday, etc. Previously I'd have been elated at a 'break'. This time I'm really sad to miss it, for 3 reasons:

  1. I lose fitness
  2. I miss the opportunity to release aggression or 'negative energy' as someone phrased it, out when I'm at Krav Maga.
  3. I am trying to practise some languages but more importantly, I hear it all in French (even if I switch off).

So I'm trying to continue with some form of fitness: today I went on a walk and carried F on my back (in a toddler carrier - she's just over 10kg for anyone wondering) and I'm hoping to get some swimming in. I have heard of some routes at a local park that I hope to try in the summer. And whilst writing this post I've messaged a friend on facebook who I do Krav Maga with and asked if she fancies meeting up. I guess we'll see... 

No, this is not F in case anyone is wondering but my 'number 2' baby on my back...

THEN, that got me thinking about how I feel about myself... How To Be-Emotionally-Independent seemed to bring up some interesting points. It seems a little simplistic, but it did clarify a few things. A friend told me today that I couldn't possibly have upset someone because I'm too nice. Well that's sweet of her to say but I'm pretty sure I'm not too nice (I'm a Scorpio with a sting in my tail) and as a result of how I can be weak sometimes I do get trampled on. Soooo I thought I'd google emotional independence and got the above article... 

Interesting. I definitely agree with:

Expect nothing from others. Stop expecting help and support from others. Do not always run to your friends for emotional support. You will turn weaker if you always expect people's support in your problems.
I am trying to work on this....

Stop listening to emotional lyrics. Prefer good hobbies. Emotional lyrics may ruin your thoughts more rather than giving you comfort, so avoid listening to emotional lyrics. Rather you can listen some motivational song or do some good hobbies which will make you feel happy.
- Not sure I entirely agree but I don't tend to listen to music massively anyway, so...

Do not get influenced by other's lifestyle. No two persons' status can be exactly same, so do not admire other's lifestyle. Be happy in your own way of life. It may happen that they may be admiring your lifestyle.
 - I definitely agree with the last sentence of this and think it's worth remembering...

Take suggestions generally. Take general suggestions from talented people around you. Ask them the problem in general form and try to know their opinions about it.
 - Find this one a bit odd? 

Share your secrets with only wise people. You should share secrets with people you truly believe can help you resolve it and not to people who are only interested in knowing your secrets.
 - I know I do this too much but I also think it's hard to know who's wise sometimes?

Cry only in loneliness. Do not cry in front of other people every time you cry. However, do cry in loneliness and analyze yourself why are you crying. Are you crying out of your mistake or other's mistake?
 - Definitely not sure I agree with this, I think sometimes others need to know you're upset. That being said, in principle, depending on what the issue is, I agree that always crying can look weak...