Monday, 14 April 2014


Well I never thought this would be me but: 

1. I didn't eat a chocolate desert on Saturday because it's not good for me and I may drop some on the only white shirt I had!
2. I've been 'stressing' about how many Krav Maga sessions I am going to miss (now worked out that it's not as bad as I thought but there are a few literally the day before or after we go or come back from a holiday) 
3. I have started meeting a lady who also goes, during the holidays, so I can try to maintain some fitness (over Easter we miss 5 sessions with bank holidays, but we did have a 4.5 hour stage on Saturday).

Buttttt having gone to the final Stage (of the year) on Saturday, I am very sore! I have a patch on my head that I must have bruised and then random aches. 

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