Monday, 5 May 2014


12/30. Describe a typical day in your current life.
It significantly varies depending on what we're doing but mostly attempt to wake up, get Z dressed, encourage F, get dressed myself, at some point F gets dressed & hopefully eats her breakfast... Go to whatever we're doing (playgroup, meeting friends).

Do whatever we're doing that day, feed Z, nap for both kids, either have enough energy to do stuff at home (ie tidying, cleaning etc) or sit down to attempt to revive myself ;) 

Try to come up with something to do in the afternoon, depending on what we've done already. It varies as to whether F is tired or not... 

What I am trying to do is then get tea ready for both girls, R gets home and we put them to bed/ tidy up then do whatever evening activity (I have Krav Maga, R runs and we watch tv). I could do with more preparation for the day ahead the night before, but it doesn't currently happen...

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