Saturday, 24 May 2014

Quick Tip...

I didn't expect to be posting this but as I've cleared 2 lots of glass up in 2 days and was chatting to a friend about it, I suddenly thought this morning it would be a good quick post and tip to share...

One way to minimalise: ;) break stuff!

Yesterday I hosted 'coffee morning', and a toddler dropped a glass coaster on the tiled floor. The coaster wasn't that precious and I had told R to put anything out of reach that he was bothered about but it did mean glass on the floor. (The friend who's kid it was, offered to buy a new coaster and was really embarrassed, bless her...)

So, I got the dustpan & brush out as you expect... And then, I read a tip AGES ago that I followed but as it's not a commonly heard tip people generally look at me like I've lost the plot when I mention it...

You take a slice of bread & press it down all over the floor area that you've dropped the glass... It collects any tiny pieces of glass that you can't see as easily. Then you put the bread in the bin. I use it to be sure most of the time that we drop a glass, because we thought we'd got all the glass yesterday and then found lots of bits glistening in the bread. And with babies or toddlers around, I think you can't be too careful!

Sooo that's my top tip for the day... I have just dropped a glass off the table & as well as sweeping it up, 1 piece of cheap bread has cleared up the remaining glass, (hopefully)! :)

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